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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Create Your First Website By 3.45 This Afternoon

Create Your First Website By 3.45 This Afternoon, has launched the author into the Internet marketing spotlight, and is now helping many others to build a successful web business and making money online.

Chris says, “This 120+ page eBook has been the one defining element of my online success”.

“I clearly remember when I began how difficult it was to get a ’straight answer’ from anyone regarding how to create a website,” says Farrell. “Most people tried to sell me expensive and unnecessary products, which incidentally were over complicated or full of fluff.”

Create Your First Website By 3.45 This Afternoon will allow anyone to create their own website within hours. It is a step-by-step guide that covers the whole process with nothing left to chance. It is presented in Chris’s unique, and easy to understand style. The eBook covers everything from purchasing a domain name and setting up a hosting account, through to building and uploading your page to your server.

Chris Farrell is a 40-year-old Londoner, now living in Beverly Hills. He was totally new to Internet marketing in February 2008. Within six months he was having his first $250 days and within nine months had his first $1000 day.

The eBook, Create Your First Website By 3.45 This Afternoon was responsible for building his list of subscribers from zero to 15,000 with 12 months. He now teaches others through his membership site, how to use the same eBook to build their subscriber list. The eBook has been downloaded more than 33,000 times.

Chris takes a simple approach to making money online. He leaves all the hype and broken promises to other marketers.

“Making money online is a skill. Just like plumbing or carpentry. But like any skill – it can be learned.” Says Chris.

Chris Farrell has built up an amazing membership site, and a huge band of loyal followers because of his laid back approach and his honesty and integrity.

Through his membership site, Chris provides a complete training system, designed mainly for newcomers to Internet marketing. Members of his site are provided all the training and resources to build a profitable web based business. They have access to all the products that he uses himself.

One of those products is Create Your First Website By 3.45 This Afternoon – The Videos. This is a series of 43 videos that follow the eBook of the same name. Chris’s easy to follow teaching style makes creating your first website an absolute breeze.

Chris Farrell is a great person to learn from if you are serious about building a web business. His membership site provides all the training and resources required to build a successful internet business.

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