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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2008

Index of Authors XII
Research Program Committee XIV
1 Recommender Systems in Tourism
T. Mahmood, F. Ricci, A. Venturini, and W. Hopken
Adaptive Recommender Systems for Travel Planning 1
S. Venkataiah, N. Sharda and M. Ponnada
A Comparative Study of Continuous and Discrete
Visualisation of Tourism Information 12
M. Zanker, M. Fuchs, W. Hopken, M. Tuta and N. Muller
Evaluating Recommender Systems in Tourism - A Case
Study from Austria 24
2 User Generated Content in Tourism
U. Gretzel and K. H. Yoo
Use and Impact of Online Travel Reviews 35
P. O'Connor
User-Generated Content and Travel: A Case Study on
Tripadvisor.Com 47
Y. Kang, J. Stasko, K. Luther, A. Ravi and Y. Xu
RevisiTour: Enriching the Tourism Experience with
User-Generated Content 59
3 Online Communities
J. Y.Chung and D. Buhalis
Web 2.0: A Study of Online Travel Community 70
I. Arsal, S. Backman and E. Baldwin
Influence of an Online Travel Community on Travel Decisions 82
P. Carrera, C. Chiu, P. Pratipwattanawong, S. Chienwattanasuk,
S. F. Syed-Ahmad and J. Murphy
MySpace, My Friends, My Customers 94
4 Web Services
R. Baggio, M. Antonioli Corigliano and M. Monetti
Web Services as a Technology to Support a Global
Tourism Offer 106
J. O. Daramola, M. O. Adigun and O. O. Olugbara
A Product Line Architecture for Evolving Intelligent
Component Services in Tourism Information Systems 117
M. T. Linaza, F. Lolhoffel, A. Garcia, C. Lamsfus,
A. Alzua-Sorzabal and A. Lazkano
Mash-up Applications for Small Destination Management
Organizations Websites 130
5 Web 2.0 and Tourism
B. Stangl and C. Weismayer
Websites and Virtual Realities: A Useful Marketing Tool
Combination? An Exploratory Investigation 141
R. Schegg, A. Liebrich, M. Scaglione and S. F. Syed-Ahmad
An Exploratory Field Study of Web 2.0 in Tourism 152
W. Drews
A Web 2.0 Tourism Information System for Accessible Tourism 164
6 Dynamic Packaging
M. Markus and M. Lassnig
Some Critical Remarks on Dynamic Packaging from the
Perspective of SMEs and Small Tourism Destinations 175
A. Jagersberger and K. Waldhor
Dynamic Packaging Using a Cluster Based Demographic
Filtering Approach 186
F. Zach, U. Gretzel and D. R. Fesenmaier
Tourist Activated Networks: Implications for Dynamic
Packaging Systems in Tourism 198
7 Destination Management Systems
K. Teichmann and A. H. Zins
Information Elements on DM0-Websites: Alternative
Approaches for Measuring Perceived Utility 209
F. Bedard, M. C. Louillet, A. Vemer and M. C. Joly
Implementation of a Destination Management System
Interface in Tourist Information Centres and Its Impact 220
R. Daniele and A. J. Frew
Evolving Destination Systems: 232
8 Hotel Electronic Distribution I
A. Dickinger and J. Mazanec
Consumers' Preferred Criteria for Hotel Online Booking 244
R. Leung and R. Law
Analyzing a Hotel Website's Access Paths 255
S. Qi, R. Leung, R. Law and D. Buhalis
A Study of Information Richness and Downloading Time
for Hotel Websites in Hong Kong 267
9 Hotel Electronic Distribution H
M. Fuchs, M. Tuta and W. Hopken
Adoption of E-mail Marketing in the Hotel Sector 279
M. Fuchs, W. Hopken, A. Eybl and J. Ulrich
Selling Accommodation Packages in Online Auctions -
The Case of eBay 291
N. H. Hashim, S. F. Syed-Ahmad and J. Murphy
Evolving Internet Use by Malaysian Hotels 303
10 Mobile Technology and Tourism
E. Haid, G. Kiechle, N. Goll and M. Soutschek
Evaluation of a Web-based and Mobile Ski Touring
Application for GPS-enabled Smartphones 313
I. Tjostheim and D. R. Fesenmaier
Mobile Devices as Substitute or Supplement to Traditional
Information Sources: City Tourists, Mobile Guides and
GPS Navigation 324
I. Huvila, K. Uotila, J. P. Paalassalo, J. Huurre and S. Verajankorva
Passages to Medieval Archipelago: From Mobile Information
Technology to Mobile Archaeological Information 336
11 Travel Technology
P. S. Merten and S. Teufel
Technological Innovations in the Passenger Process of the
Airline Industry: A Hypotheses Generating Explorative Study 348
A. Zehrer and P. Moschl
New Distribution Channels and Business Strategies for
Location-based Travel Agencies 359
V. Garkavenko and S. Milne
New Zealand Travel Agents in the Internet Era: Spatial
Differences in ICT Impact, Adoption and Perception 371
12 Tourism Destinations
D. Buhalis and L. Pistidda
The Impact of WiMAX on Tourist Destinations 383
I. P. Tussyadiah, D. R. Fesenmaier and Y. Yoo
Designing Interactions in Tourism Mediascape -
Identification of Patterns for Mobile 2.0 Platform 395
M. Bauer, C. Herzog, H. Werthner, B. Dippelreiter and K. Prantner
A Case Study on Automating Information Aggregation
Processes in Information Centres 407
13 Technology Acceptance
N. Mitsche, S. Reino, D. Knox and U. Bauemfeind
Enhancing Cultural Tourism e-Services through Heritage
Interpretation 418
P. Alford
Open Space - a Collaborative Process for Facilitating
Tourism IT Partnerships 430
S. Ham, W. G. Kim and H. W. Forsythe
Determinants of Restaurant Employees' Technology Use
Intention: Validating Technology Acceptance Model with
External Factors via Structural Equation Model 441
14 Knowing the Customer
K. Waldhor and A. Rind
etB logAnalysis -Mining Virtual Communities using Statistical
and Linguistic Methods for Quality Control in Tourism 453
M. Sigala
Developing and Implementing an eCRM 2.0 Strategy: Usage
and Readiness of Greek Tourism Firms 463
R. Ahas, E. Saluveer, M. Tim and S. Silm
Mobile Positioning Based Tourism Monitoring System:
Positium Barometer 475

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