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Monday, April 11, 2011

Biological Networks

Preface v
Contributors xiii
Chapter 1 Scale-Free Networks in Biology 1
Eivind Almaas, Alexei Vázquez and
Albert-László Barabási
Chapter 2 Modularity in Biological Networks 21
Ricard V. Solé, Sergi Valverde and
Carlos Rodriguez-Caso
Chapter 3 Inference of Biological Regulatory Networks: 41
Machine Learning Approaches
Florence d'Alché-Buc
Chapter 4 Transcriptional Networks 83
François Képès
Chapter 5 Protein Interaction Networks 133
Kai Tan and Trey Ideker
Chapter 6 Metabolic Networks 163
David A. Fell
Chapter 7 Heterogeneous Molecular Networks 199
Vincent Schächter
Chapter 8 Evolution of Regulatory Networks 257
Amélie Veron, Dion Whitehead and
Erich Bornberg-Bauer
Chapter 9 Complexity in Neuronal Networks 291
Yves Frégnac, Michelle Rudolph,
Andrew P. Davison and Alain Destexhe
Chapter 10 Networks of the Immune System 341
Robin E. Callard and Jaroslav Stark
Chapter 11 A History of the Study of Ecological Networks 365
Louis-Félix Bersier
Chapter 12 Dynamic Network Models of Ecological Diversity, 423
Complexity, and Nonlinear Persistence
Richard J. Williams and Neo D. Martinez
Chapter 13 Infection Transmission through Networks 449
James S. Koopman
Index 507

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