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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Distributed and Parallel Systems From Cluster to Grid Computing

Preface ix
Program Committee and Additional Reviewers xi
Part I: Parallel and distributed algorithms
The Wandering Token: Congestion Avoidance of a Shared Resource 3
Augusto Ciuffoletti
A Locality Optimizing Algorithm for Developing
Stream Programs in Imagine 13
Jing Du, Xuejun Yang, Canqun Yang, Xiaobo Yan, Yu Deng
Granular SSOR Preconditioning Placed on Dynamic SMP Clusters
with Communication on the Fly 23
Boguslaw Butrylo, Marek Tudruj, Lukasz Masko
Bulk Synchronous Parallel ML with Exceptions 33
Louis Gesbert, Fr´ed´eric Gava, Fr´ed´eric Loulergue, Fr´ed´eric Dabrowski
Part II: Networking and communication
A New Approach to MPI Collective Communication Implementations 45
Torsten Hoefler, Jeffrey M. Squyres, Graham Fagg, George Bosilca,
Wolfgang Rehm, Andrew Lumsdaine
Supporting MPI applications in P-GRADE Portal 55
Zolt´an Farkas, Zolt´an Balaton, P´eter Kacsuk
Tuned: An Open MPI Collective Communications Component 65
Graham E. Fagg, George Bosilca, Jelena Pjeˇsivac-Grbovi´c,
Thara Angskun, Jack J. Dongarra
Self-Healing Network for Scalable Fault Tolerant Runtime Environments 73
Thara Angskun, Graham E. Fagg, George Bosilca,
Jelena Pjeˇsivac-Grbovi´c, Jack J. Dongarra
Supporting Seamless Remote I/O Using a Parallel NetCDF Interface 81
Yuichi Tsujita
Part III: Grid and web services
Generating Semantic Descriptions of Web and Grid Services 93
Marian Babik, Ladislav Hluchy, Jacek Kitowski, Bartosz Kryza
Legacy Code Support for Service-oriented Production Grids 103
Thierry Delaitre, Tam´as Kiss, G´abor Tersty´anszky,
Stephen Winter, P´eter Kacsuk
Client-Side Task Support in Matlab for Concurrent Distributed Execution 113
Christian Hoge, Dan Keith, Allen D. Malony
Message Level Security For Grid Services Using S/MIME 123
Daniel Kouˇril, Ondˇrej Kraj´ıˇcek, Martin Kuba, Michal Proch´azka
Part IV: Grid infrastructure
Fault Tolerant Grid Registry 135
Marek Kasztelnik, Marian Bubak, Cezary Górka,
Maciej Malawski, Tomasz Gubala
Secure application deployment in the Hierarchical Local Desktop Grid 145
Attila Marosi, G´abor Gomb´as, Zolt´an Balaton
Designing Distributed Mediator Component for the
C-GMA Monitoring Architecture 155
Ondˇrej Kraj´ıˇcek, Andrea Ceccanti, Aleˇs Kˇrenek,
Ludˇek Matyska, Miroslav Ruda
User Oriented Grid Testing 165
Mikl´os Kozlovszky, Kriszti´an Kar´oczkai, Istv´an M´arton,
Andr´as Schnautigel, P´eter Kacsuk, G´abor Hermann,
Ramon Harrington, Danielle Martin, Carsten Winsnes, Thomas Strodl
Part V: Advanced grid techniques
Application and Middleware Transparent Checkpointing
with TCKPT on Clustergrid 179
J´ozsef Kov´acs, Rafal Mikolajczak,
Radoslaw Januszewski, Gracjan Jankowski
UML based Grid Workflow Modeling under ASKALON 191
Jun Qin, Thomas Fahringer, Sabri Pllana
A Taxonomy of Grid Resource Brokers 201
Attila Kert´esz, P´eter Kacsuk
Towards an Agent Integrated Speculative Scheduling Service 211
L´aszl´o Csaba L ˝ orincz, Attila Ulbert, Zolt´an Horv´ath, Tam´as Kozsi
Author Index 223

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