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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Web Services and Service-Oriented Architecture

by Douglas K. Barry ISBN:1558609067
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers ?2003 (245 pages)
Provides both practical leadership and architectural advice on how to prepare an organization to take advantage of Web services and service-oriented architectures, bridging the gap between the data-centric and the software engineering worlds.

Table of Contents
Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures—The Savvy Manager's Guide
Part I - Service-Oriented Architecture Overview
Chapter 1 - A Business Trip in the Not-Too-Distant Future
Chapter 2 - Information Technology Used in This Trip
Chapter 3 - Service-Oriented Architectures and Web Services
Chapter 4 - Forces Affecting the Adoption of Web Services and Other Integration Techniques
Chapter 5 - Growing Impact of Web Services
Chapter 6 - Service-Oriented Architectures and Beliefs about Enterprise Architectures
Chapter 7 - Starting to Adopt a Service-Oriented Architecture
Part II - Managing Change Needed for a Service-Oriented Architecture
Chapter 8 - Change Will Happen
Chapter 9 - Tips for Managing Change Issues during Development
Part III - Creating Service- Oriented Architectures
Chapter 10 - Architectures at Each Stage of Adoption for Web Services
Chapter 11 - Architectural Options
Chapter 12 - Middle-Tier Architecture
Chapter 13 - Revisiting the Business Trip in the Not-Too-Distant Future
Part IV - Compendium of Software Technology for Service-Oriented Architectures
Chapter 14 - Additional Specification Details
Chapter 15 - Quick Reference Guide
List of Figures

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