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Friday, June 1, 2012

The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of the Social Sciences

Edited by
Stephen P. Turner and Paul A. Roth

Notes on Contributors vii
Introduction. Ghosts and the Machine: Issues of Agency,
Rationality, and Scientific Methodology in Contemporary
Philosophy of Social Science 1
Stephen P. Turner and Paul A. Roth
Part I Pasts 19
1 Cause, the Persistence of Teleology, and the Origins of the
Philosophy of Social Science 21
Stephen P. Turner
2 Phenomenology and Social Inquiry: From Consciousness to
Culture and Critique 42
Brian Fay
3 Twentieth-century Philosophy of Social Science in the
Analytic Tradition 64
Thomas Uebel
Part II Programs 89
4 Critical Theory as Practical Knowledge: Participants,
Observers, and Critics 91
James Bohman
5 Decision Theory and Degree of Belief 110
Piers Rawling
6 The Methodology of Rational Choice 143
Lars Udehn
7 Mathematical Modeling in the Social Sciences 166
Paul Humphreys
8 The Practical Turn 185
David G. Stern
9 Science & Technology Studies and the Philosophy of Social
Sciences 207
Steve Fuller
Part III Problematics 235
10 “See Also Literary Criticism”: Social Science Between Fact and
Figures 237
Hans Kellner
11 The Descent of Evolutionary Explanations: Darwinian Vestiges
in the Social Sciences 258
Lynn Hankinson Nelson
12 How Standpoint Methodology Informs Philosophy of Social
Science 291
Sandra Harding
13 Beyond Understanding: The Career of the Concept of
Understanding in the Human Sciences 311
Paul A. Roth
Bibliography 334

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