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Saturday, June 2, 2012

21st Century Political Science A Reference

Edited by
John T. Ishiyama
Marijke Breuning
University of North Texas

Preface xi
About the Editors xiii
About the Contributors xiv
1. History of the Discipline 3
Ellen Grigsby, University of New Mexico
2. Postmodernism 11
Robert Swan, Western Oregon University
3. Neoinstitutionalism
Mark C. Miller, Clark University
4. Systemism 29
Hyunsun Choi, University of North Florida
5. Rationality and Rational Choice 34
Richard A. Wandling, Eastern Illinois University
6. Principal–Agent Theory 43
John James Quinn, Truman State University
7. Political Psychology 51
David Patrick Houghton, University of Central Florida
8. Straussians 60
Scot J. Zentner, California State University, San Bernardino
9. Systems Theory and Structural Functionalism 71
John R. Fisher, Northwest Missouri State University
10. Political Development and Modernization 81
Sarah Wilson Sokhey, The Ohio State University
11. Statism 91
Anna Batta, University of North Texas
12. Dependency and Development 99
Frank A. Boyd Jr., Illinois Wesleyan University
13. Civil Wars 107
M. Israel Stephens, University of North Texas
14. Terrorism 115
Erik S. Case, University of North Texas
15. Political and Military Coups 124
Christopher D. Moore, Bethel University
16. Resource Scarcity and Political Conflict 133
Walter Thomas Casey II, University of Texas at Dallas
17. Ethnic Conflict 141
Tina Kempin Reuter, Christopher Newport University
18. Comparative Political Parties: Systems and Organizations 150
Alexandra Cole, California State University, Northridge
19. Electoral Systems in Comparative Perspective 159
William M. Downs, Georgia State University
20. Comparative Federalism, Confederalism, Unitary Systems 168
William M. Downs, Georgia State University
21. Presidentialism Versus Parliamentarism 177
Joseph W. Robbins, Shepherd University
22. Comparative Judicial Politics 186
David L. Weiden, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis
23. Civil Society 193
Ryan Salzman, University of North Texas
24. Political Culture 201
Marc Hooghe, University of Leuven
25. Religion and Comparative Politics 209
Bryan A. S. Rasmussen, Collin College
26. Ethnic and Identity Politics 217
Dwight Vick, West Texas A&M University
John T. Ishiyama, University of North Texas
27. Social Movements 225
Marc Hooghe, University of Leuven
28. Gender and Politics 233
Karen J. Vogel, Hamline University
29. Comparative Environmental Politics and Conflict 242
Amanda M. Rosen, Webster University
30. Totalitarianism and Authoritarianism 249
Edward Webb, Dickinson College
31. Semiauthoritarianism 258
Christian Göbel, Lund University
32. Models of Democracy 267
John T. Ishiyama, Tatyana Kelman, and Anna Pechenina, University of North Texas
33. Processes of Democratization 275
Eric M. Jepsen, University of South Dakota
34. Comparative Methods 283
Michelle C. Flores, University of Southern California
35. Case Studies 293
Catherine L. Johnson, University of North Texas
36. History of International Relations 303
Anthony D. Lott, St. Olaf College
37. Realism and Neorealism 311
Svetla Ben Itzhak, University of Kansas
38. Idealism and Liberalism 319
Eric A. Heinze, University of Oklahoma
Brandy J. Jolliff, University of Colorado at Boulder
39. Dependency and World-Systems 327
Gloria C. Walker, Centenary College of Louisiana
40. Foreign Policy Analysis 336
Baris Kesgin, University of Kansas
41. Feminist International Relations 344
Karen J. Vogel, Hamline University
42. Leadership and Decision Making 353
Tobias Van Assche, University of Antwerp
43. Balance of Power 361
Brian R. King, Muskingum University
44. Deterrence Theory 368
Seth M. Goldstein, The Ohio State University
Brian R. King and Richard Arnold, Muskingum University
45. Rivalry, Conflict, and Interstate War 376
Eric Cox, Texas Christian University
46. The Democratic Peace 384
Steven R. Liebel, University of North Texas
47. Global Politics of Resources and Rentierism 393
Giray Sadik, Gazi University
48. Complex Interdependence and Globalization 401
Djamel Eddine Laouisset, Canada Consulting Group, Inc.
49. International Political Economy and Trade 407
Stefan Fritsch, Bowling Green State University
50. Nonstate Actors in International Relations 414
Michael Kuchinsky, Gardner Webb University
51. International Organizations and Regimes 422
Byungwon Woo, The Ohio State University
52. International Law 431
Tina Kempin Reuter, Christopher Newport University
53. International Environmental Politics 440
Jerald Mast, Carthage College
54. Evolution of Science in Political Science 451
James K. L. Wong, London School of Economics and Political Science
55. Positivism and Its Critique 459
William Rose, Albion College
56. Constructivism 470
Mariya Y. Omelicheva, University of Kansas
57. Regression Analysis 478
Mark Zachary Taylor, Georgia Institute of Technology
58. Content Analysis 490
Marijke Breuning, University of North Texas
59. Longitudinal Analysis 497
Shane Nordyke, University of South Dakota
60. Qualitative Versus Quantitative Research 506
Alicia Jencik, University of New Orleans
61. Survey Research 514
H. Whitt Kilburn, Grand Valley State University
62. Experiments 523
Elizabeth A. Bennion, Indiana University South Bend
63. Formal Theory and Spatial Modeling 532
Donald M. Gooch, Arkansas Tech University
64. Game Theory 541
Byungwon Woo, The Ohio State University
65. The Ancients 553
Steve G. Hartlaub, Frostburg State University
66. Asian Political Thought 560
Timothy J. Lomperis, Saint Louis University
67. Islamic Political Thought 568
Svetla Ben Itzhak, University of Kansas
68. Christian Political Thought 577
Michelle D. Deardorff, Jackson State University
69. Early Moderns and Classical Liberals 587
David Schultz, Hamline University
70. Neoclassical Liberals 596
Ellen Grigsby, University of New Mexico
71. Modern Democratic Thought 605
Jeffrey D. Hilmer, University of British Columbia
72. Modern Liberalism, Conservatism, and Libertarianism 615
Johnny Goldfinger, Marian University
73. Anarchism 625
Leonard Williams, Manchester College
74. Nationalism 633
Salih Bicakci, Isik University
75. Fascism and National Socialism 639
Gerald L. McCallister, University of North Texas
76. Marxism 648
Michael D’Amore, Sussex County Community College
John T. Ishiyama, University of North Texas
77. Revisionism and Social Democracy 655
Jutta A. Helm, Western Illinois University
78. Leninism, Communism, Stalinism, and Maoism 664
Anna N. Makhova Gregg, Austin Peay State University
79. Socialism in the Developing World 673
Lilly Kelan Lu, University of North Texas
80. Founding of the American Political System 685
Richard J. Hardy, Western Illinois University
81. Urban Politics 699
June Sager Speakman, Roger Williams University
82. Media and Politics 708
Bas W. van Doorn, The College of Wooster
83. U.S. Congress 717
Tom Miles, University of North Texas
84. The Presidency 725
Rebecca E. Deen, University of Texas at Arlington
85. American Judicial Politics 735
Shannon Ishiyama Smithey, Westminster College
86. American Bureaucracy 743
William J. Miller, Southeast Missouri State University
Julia Beckett, The University of Akron
87. Interest Groups and Pluralism 752
Stephen Sussman, Barry University
88. American Federalism 760
Brian P. Janiskee, California State University, San Bernardino
89. American Political Parties 769
Jeffrey Kraus, Wagner College
90. State and Local Government 779
June Sager Speakman, Roger Williams University
91. Public Policy and Administration 786
Candace C. Young, Truman State University
92. Campaigns 796
Chapman Rackaway, Fort Hays State University
93. Political Socialization
Vanessa P. Bouché, The Ohio State University

94. Voting Behavior 813
C. J. Williams, University of North Texas
95. American Foreign Policy 822
Jeremy R. Backstrom, University of North Texas
96. Race, Ethnicity, and Politics 831
Anthony DeForest Molina, University of South Dakota
97. Gender and Politics in the United States 840
Angela L. Bos, College of Wooster
Paula L. O’Loughlin, University of Minnesota, Morris
98. Religion and Politics in America 847
Bryan A. S. Rasmussen, Collin College
99. LGBT Issues and the Queer Approach 856
Robert Kulpa, Birkbeck College
Index 865

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