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Monday, February 13, 2012

European Cinema in Motion Migrant and Diasporic Film in Contemporary Europe

List of Illustrations vii
Acknowledgements x
Notes on Contributors xii
Introduction 1
Daniela Berghahn and Claudia Sternberg
1 Locating Migrant and Diasporic Cinema in
Contemporary Europe 12
Daniela Berghahn and Claudia Sternberg
2 Migration and Cinematic Process in Post-Cold War Europe 50
Dina Iordanova
3 State and Other Funding for Migrant, Diasporic and World
Cinemas in Europe 76
Anne Jäckel
4 Nostalgic Journeys in Post-Soviet Cinema:
Towards a Lost Home? 96
Birgit Beumers
5 Transculturation in German and Spanish Migrant and
Diasporic Cinema: On Constrained Spaces and Minor
Intimacies in Princesses and A Little Bit of Freedom 114
Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodríguez
6 The Dark Side of Hybridity: Contemporary Black and
Asian British Cinema 132
Sarita Malik
7 Body Matters: Immigrants in Recent Spanish, Italian and
Greek Cinemas 152
Isabel Santaolalla
8 Gendering Diaspora: The Work of Diasporic Women
Film-Makers in Western Europe 175
Carrie Tarr
9 Queering the Diaspora 196
James S. Williams
10 Sound Bridges: Transnational Mobility as
Ironic Melodrama 215
Deniz Göktürk
11 Coming of Age in ‘the Hood’: The Diasporic Youth Film
and Questions of Genre 235
Daniela Berghahn
12 Migration, Diaspora and Metacinematic Reflection 256
Claudia Sternberg
Future Imperfect: Some Onward Perspectives on
Migrant and Diasporic Film Practice 275
Gareth Jones
Filmography 293
Index 301

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