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Monday, February 13, 2012

Diaspora and Transnationalism: Concepts, Theories and Methods

Table of contents
Preface 7
Chapter 1
Diaspora and transnationalism: What kind of dance partners? 9
Thomas Faist
Chapter 2
Diasporas, transnational spaces and communities 35
Michel Bruneau
Chapter 3
The dynamics of migrants’ transnational formations: Between
mobility and locality 51
Janine Dahinden
Chapter 4
Instrumentalising diasporas for development: International and
European policy discourses 73
Agnieszka Weinar
Chapter 5
Interrogating diaspora: Power and conflict in Peruvian migration 91
Karsten Paerregaard
Chapter 6
A global perspective on transnational migration: Theorising
migration without methodological nationalism 109
Nina Glick Schiller
Chapter 7
Bridging the divide: Towards a comparative framework
for understanding kin state and migrant-sending state
diaspora politics 131
Myra A. Waterbury
Chapter 8
Diasporas and international politics: Utilising the universalistic
creed of liberalism for particularistic and nationalist purposes 149
Maria Koinova
Chapter 9
Diaspora, migration and transnationalism: Insights from the
study of second-generation ‘returnees’ 167
Russell King and Anastasia Christou
Chapter 10
Private, public or both? On the scope and impact of
transnationalism in immigrants’ everyday lives 185
Paolo Boccagni
Chapter 11
Operationalising transnational migrant networks
through a simultaneous matched sample methodology 205
Valentina Mazzucato
Chapter 12
Transnational research collaboration: An approach to the study
of co-publications between overseas Chinese scientists and
their mainland colleagues 227
Koen Jonkers
Chapter 13
The internet as a means of studying transnationalism and diaspora 245
Kathrin Kissau and Uwe Hunger
Chapter 14
Transnational links and practices of migrants’ organisations
in Spain 267
Laura Morales and Laia Jorba
Chapter 15
Cold constellations and hot identities: Political theory
questions about transnationalism and diaspora 295
Rainer Bauböck
Bibliography 323
List of contributors 351

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