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Friday, January 27, 2012

Empires of Religion

List of Abbreviations vii
Preface viii
Notes on Contributors x
1 Introduction: Empires of Religion 1
Hilary M. Carey
Part I Religious Metropoles
2 The Consolidation of Irish Catholicism within a
Hostile Imperial Framework: A Comparative Study of
Early Modern Ireland and Hungary 25
Tadhg Ó hAnnracháin
3 Anti-Catholicism and the British Empire, 1815–1914 43
John Wolffe
4 An Empire of God or of Man? The Macaulays,
Father and Son 64
Catherine Hall
5 Religious Literature and Discourses of Empire: The Scottish
Presbyterian Foreign Mission Movement 84
Esther Breitenbach
Part II Colonies and Mission Fields
Greater Britain: Whiteness and its Limits
6 ‘Making Black Scotsmen and Scotswomen?’ Scottish
Missionaries and the Eastern Cape Colony in the
Nineteenth Century 113
John MacKenzie
7 Archbishop Vaughan and the Empires of Religion in
Colonial New South Wales 137
Peter Cunich
8 ‘Brighter Britain’: Images of Empire in the International
Child Rescue Movement, 1850–1915 161
Shurlee Swain
9 Saving the ‘Empty North’: Religion and Empire
in Australia 177
Anne O’Brien
Part II Colonies and Mission Fields
Friends of the Native? Universalism and Its Limits
10 ‘The Sharer of My Joys and Sorrows’: Alison Blyth,
Missionary Labours and Female Perspectives on Slavery
in Nineteenth-Century Jamaica 199
John McAleer
11 Richard Taylor and the Children of Noah: Race, Science
and Religion in the South Seas 222
Peter Clayworth
12 From African Missions to Global Sisterhood: The
Mothers’ Union and Colonial Christianity, 1900–1930 243
Elizabeth E. Prevost
Part III Post-Colonial Transformations
13 Ireland’s Spiritual Empire: Territory and Landscape in
Irish Catfholic Missionary Discourse 267
Fiona Bateman
14 Canadian Protestant Overseas Missions to the
Mid-Twentieth Century: American Influences, Interwar
Changes, Long-Term Legacies 288
Ruth Compton Brouwer
15 Empire and Religion in Colonial Botswana: The Seretse
Khama Controversy, 1948–1956 311
John Stuart
Select Bibliography 333
Index 339

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