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Friday, December 23, 2011

One For The Money - Uang Nomor Satu

by Janet Evanovich (Goodreads Author), Feri Hamda (Translator)
Stephanie Plum loses her job. Her life is a mess, and she desperately needs a job to pay the bills. Well, a girl has to eat, so she goes to Vinnie, her cousin in a law office, and finally gets a job, a bail-bond. The job is pretty easy for Stephanie, she’ll only have to get the chases to police, and she’ll 10% of their guarantee fee. It should be easy, right?

Stephanie’s first chased is Joseph Morelli. He wasn’t only a police, he was the ‘first lover’ for Stephanie too. Morelli is charged for killing. The only reason that Stephanie takes the case is Morelli’s guarantee fee. It was 100.000$, and if Stephanie catches Morelli and bring him to the police, she’ll get 10.000$.

The cat and mouse game begins. Stephanie, with her unbelievable luckiness, meets Morelli many times. Even Morelli ever save her when she’s in dangerous scene. Morelli tries to tell her that he isn’t guilty, but it’s hard to believe. Too many times Morelli had fooled her. Stephanie wouldn’t forget that Morelli is the one who played ‘train’ with her when she is six years old. And took her in the bakery, behind the pastry counter, ten years after.

I love the book, especially part when Stephanie does something cool as stealing Morelli’s car, his shining Cherokee. Stephanie tries her best to become the real bail-bond. She takes quick courses and advices from a professional bail-bond guy, Ranger. She also practices gun every afternoon with his best friend, because of Morelli’s insult when she couldn’t bring herself to shoot him. Stephanie’s character is witty and strong, and Morelli is the cutest bad guy. The humor in this book is made perfectly, and I laughed all along the story. Great humor mixes with slightly romance.

Beware for Indonesian Edition, the translation isn’t good enough. The translator doesn’t make a consistency between using casual tone or formal tone, and it keeps changing. Sometimes he uses ‘saya’ then ‘aku’ then ‘gua’. Moreover, he really translates some curses here into Indonesian, as shit to ‘tai’ or bitch to ‘jablai’. Makes me kind of losing the atmosphere, gezz!

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