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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


MMURTL-V1.0 - is a book that is very popular among computer programmers interested in the internal workings of a computer operating system. Cover from previous printing (SAMS/MacMillan)Shown to the left as originally printed, it was previously titled "Developing Your own 32 Bit Operating System" (ISBN 0-672-30655-7) and was published by SAMS/MacMillan. We have renamed the book MMURTL-V1.0 (ISBN 1-58853-000-0) and the printed version is a "Perfect Bind" soft cover (see the additional picture at very bottom of page). It was renamed because this is the name that the author had originally intended. MMURTL is a bad acronym for Message based MUltitasking Real Time kerneL (to quote the author: "Hey.. all the good acronyms were taken!").

This is literally a "how to book" on writing a computer operating system, and includes the assembler and C language code to build one. In fact, it contains the complete operating system source code, an assembler and C compiler, along with their source code, on the accompanying CD! This is the exact text of the original book except where the author has made very minor corrections where the original text was incorrect (editing mistakes, typos, etc.). You may view the first chapter which is an overview of the book, and the author's goals with the link in the table below

The PDF ebook is approximately 2.7 Mb. Total size of all files to download is approximately 8.5 Mb. The printed version is approximately 604 pages, while the PDF version is 667 pages. The printed version also contains a complete index generated by the author.

Cover from new printed versionThis is the cover of the second printing by Sensory Publishing, Inc.
Ordering the book here on our servers (and after a successful credit card purchase on the secure servers) takes you to a page with all the files that can be downloaded which includes the PDF ebook, and the code package which contains all the source code for MMURTL, the assembler and C compiler. The download page will exist for your convenience for 36 to 48 hours to allow you to download all the available files. Ordering the printed version also gives you immediate access to the download files. Complete downloads are logged and checked against all orders. PLEASE NOTE: This book may not be returned as it contains valuable software that we have no way to track. This book is intended for intermediate to advanced programmers.

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