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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Managing IT in Government, Business & Communities

by Gerry Gingrich (ed) ISBN:1931777403
Idea Group Publishing © 2003 (307 pages)
This guide presents the most current research and findings about the challenges governments around the world are now placing on small business IT entrepreneurs and how they are providing increased resources to support this emphasis.

Table of Contents
Managing IT in Government, Business & Communities
Section I - Managing IT Within Organizations
Chapter 1 - Adopting the Entrepreneurial Process in the Study of Information Systems and Small Business
Chapter 2 - Optimal Purchase Decision Criteria for Information Technology
Chapter 3 - Creating Intranets for Management and Collaboration in Federal Agencies
Chapter 4 - Maintaining the Own Responsibility: Selected Information Systems Architecture, Selective Outsourcing and Organizational Learning as a Base for a Sustainably Positioned Information Technology Service
Chapter 5 - Using Spreadsheets as a Decision Support Tool: An Application for Small Businesses
Chapter 6 - Teaching Technology for Community
Section II - Managing IT Across Regions and Countries
Chapter 7 - Information Resources Development in China: History, Present Situation and Problem Discussion
Chapter 8 - An Analysis of Factors that Influence the Ability of SMEs to Derive Benefit in Four Phases of Electronic Commerce: 34 Australian Case Studies
Chapter 9 - Electronic Government in Japan: IT Utilization Status of Local Governments
Chapter 10 - Concerns and Solutions on Electronic Voting Systems Adoption
Chapter 11 - SME Barriers to Electronic Commerce Adoption: Nothing Changes-Everything is New
Chapter 12 - E-Business Development Issues in UK SMEs
Chapter 13 - The Game of Internet B2B
Section III - IT Addressing Globalization
Chapter 14 - Virtualisations and its Role in Business
Chapter 15 - Virtual Organization: Duality of Human Identities in Consciousness and Entity
Chapter 16 - Interorganizational Relationships, Strategic Alliances, and Networks: The Role of Communication Systems and Information Technologies
Chapter 17 - The Internationalization Efforts of Small Internet Retailers
Chapter 18 - Using the Web for Enhancing Decision-Making: UN Project Failures in Sub-Sahara Africa (SSA)
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List of Tables

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