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Monday, April 4, 2011

Grid Computing A Practical Guide To Technology And Applications

by Ahmar Abbas ISBN:1584502762
Charles River Media © 2004 (408 pages)
This detailed guide provides guidelines for IT managers and technologists interested in implementing a workable grid computing technology.

Table of Contents
Grid Computing—A Practical Guide to Technology and Applications
Chapter 1 - IT Infrastructure Evolution
Chapter 2 - Productivity Paradox and Information Technology
Chapter 3 - Business Value of Grid Computing
Chapter 4 - Grid Computing Technology—An Overview
Chapter 5 - Desktop Grids
Chapter 6 - Cluster Grids
Chapter 7 - HPC Grids
Chapter 8 - Data Grids
Chapter 9 - The Open Grid Services Architecture
Chapter 10 - Creating and Managing Grid Services
Chapter 11 - Desktop Supercomputing—Native Programming for Grids
Chapter 12 - Grid-Enabling Software Applications
Chapter 13 - Application Integration
Chapter 14 - Grid-Enabling Network Services
Chapter 15 - Managing Grid Environments
Chapter 16 - Grid Computing Adoption in Research and Industry
Chapter 17 - Grids in Life Sciences
Chapter 18 - Grids in the Telecommunications Sector
Chapter 19 - Grids in Other Industries
Chapter 20 - Hive Computing for Transaction Processing Grids
Appendix A - About the CD-ROM
List of Figures
List of Tables

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