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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Parallel Computing Fundamentals, Applications and New Directions

Preface v
Sponsors, Exhibitors and Participants in the Industrial Track vi
Committees vii
G.C. Fox, W. Furmanski 3
Parallel and Distributed Computing using Pervasive Web and Object
A. Reuter 33
Parallel Database Techniques in Decision Support and Data Mining
A. Krikelis 45
Parallel Multimedia Computing
K. Stuben 61
Europort-D: Commercial Benefits of Using Parallel Technology
D. Lavenier, J.-L. Pacherie 81
Parallel Processing for Scanning Genomic Data-Bases
G. Roscher, G. Pogrzeba, D. Emde, F. Neubauer 89
Application of a Multi-Processor System for Recognition of EEG-Activities in
Amplitude, Time and Space in Real-Time
P. Beraldi, L. Grandinetti, F. Guerriero 97
Solving Large-Scale Network Transportation Problems on a Cluster of
A. Radenski, A. Vann, B. Norris 105
Parallel Probabilistic Computations on a Cluster of Workstations
D. Fellner, S. Schafer, M. Zens 113
Photorealistic Rendering in Heterogeneous Networks
J. Hammerle, A. Uhl 121
Fractal Compression of Satellite Images: Combining Parallel Processing and
Geometric Searching
E. Bucchignani, W.G. Diurno 129
Parallel computation of inviscid 3D flows with unstructured domain partitioning:
performance on SGI-Power Challenge Supercomputer
R. Dohmen, U. Schwenn I37
Performanee and Load Balancing of Diverse Parallel Implementations of the
Plasma Code HINT
M. Baum I45
Performing DNS of Turbulent Combustion with Detailed Chemistry on Parallel
F. Guidec, P. Kuonen, P. Calegari 155
Radio Wave Propagation Simulation on the Cray T3D
U. Jakobus 163
Parallel Computation of the Electromagnetic Field of Hand-Held Mobile
Telephones Radiating Close to the Human Head
B.A. Tanyi, B. Rustem, J. Darlington 171
Parallelization of a Nonlinear Robust Optimization Algorithm
S. Rathmayer, F. linger 179
Parallelizing CFX-TfC, a State of the Art Industrial CFD Package
G. Runger, R. Ruth 187
Parallel Simulation of Flows in Sewer Network Systems
U. Becker-Lemgau, M.G. Hackenberg, B. Steckel, R. Tilch 195
Parallel Multigrid in the Simulation of Metal Flow
Y. Takahashi, M. Sano, T. Inoue 203
An Enhancement of SIMD Machine for Executing SPMD Programs
M. Feil, A. Uhl, M. Vajtersic 207
Continuous Wavelet Transform on Massively Parallel Arrays
M.G. Hackenberg, W. Joppich, S. Mijalkovic 211
Parallel Simulation of Coupled Oxidation and Diffusion in VLSI Wafer-
P.-E. Bernard, D. Trystram 217
Report on a Parallel Molecular Dynamics Implementation
H. Zumaque, G.A. Kohring, J. Hormes 221
Simulation of Energy Deposition in Deep X-Ray Lithography
F. Desprez, J. Dongarra, A. Petitet, C. Randriamaro, Y.Robert 227
Scheduling Block-Cyclic Array Redistribution
P. Brezany, A. Choudhary, M. Dang 235
Parallelization of Irregular Codes Including Out-of-Core Data and Index Arrays
C. Germain, F. Delaplace 243
Compiling the Block-Cyclic Distribution
M.Gerndt 251
Unstructured Templates for Programming Irregular Grid Applications on High
Performance Computers
F. de Dinechin, T. Risset, S. Robert 261
Hierarchical Static Analysis for Improving the Complexity of Linear Algebra
K. Birken 269
Semi-Automatic Parallelisation of Dynamic, Graph-based Applications
V. Gulzow, T. Diehl, F. Foelkel 277
About the Parallelization of Climate Models
M. Lange, D. Thevenin, U. Riedel, J. Warnatz 287
Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Reactive Flows Using Massively
Parallel Computers
P. Walsh, C. Ryan 297
Automatic Parallelization for Distributed Memory Machines using Genetic
D. Kranzlmuller, A. Christanell, J. Volkert 303
Supporting Parallel Program Debugging through Control and Data Flow Analysis
B. Stein, J. Chassin de Kergommeaux 311
Interactive Visualization Environment of Multi-threaded Parallel Programs
K. Audenaert 319
Maintaining Concurrency Information for On-the-fly Data Race Detection
M. Ronsse, K. De Bosschere 327
J iT I: Tracing Memory References for Data Race Detection
G.-W. On, D.-H. Chi, S.-H. Yoon 335
An Integrated Dynamic and Visual Debugging for Parallel Applications
J. Pareti 341
High Performance Technical Computing at DIGITAL
W. Krotz-Vogel, H.C. Hoppe 349
PALLAS Parallel Tools ~ A Uniform Programming Environment from
Workstations to Teraflop Computers
F.P.E. Baetke, H. V.A. StrauB 359
Architectural Overview of the HP Exemplar V-Class Technical Server
D.NJ.Clarke, J.M.Graham, R.J.Loader, S.A. Williams 369
Paradigms for the parallel programming of heterogeneous machines through an
interface compiler
R. Ebner, A. Pfaffinger 377
Higher Level Programming and Efficient Automatic Parallelization: A Functional
Data Flow Approach with FAS AN
O. Haan 385
On the Portability of Parallel Programs
K. Lee, J. Kim, Y. Woo 393
Design and Implementation of a Scalable Parallel C Language
T. Brandes, K. Krause 397
Porting to HPF: Experiences with DBETS Y3D within PHAROS
B. Van Assche 403
IP Multicast for PVM on Bus Based Networks
T. Bonisch, M. Resch, H. Berger 411
Benchmark Evaluation of the Message-Passing Overhead on Modem Parallel
E. Brakkee, K. Wolf, D.P. Ho, A. Schiiller 419
Coupling Industrial Simulation Codes on Parallel Computers using a
Communications Library
D. El Baz, D. Gazen, M. Jarraya, P. Spiteri, J.C. Miellou 429
Flexible Communication for Parallel Asynchronous Methods with Application to a
Nonlinear Optimization Problem
J. No, A. Choudhary 437
Runtime Library for Parallel I/O for Irregular Applications
K. Kubota, Y. Tanaka, M. Matsuda, M. Sato, H. Tezuka, A. Hori, Y. Ishikawa 441
Communication Performance of Gigabit LAN Workstation Cluster RWCAVSC
J. Giglmayr 445
Self-routing in 2-D shuffle networks with dimension-independent switches of size
A. Hoferichter, Th. Lippert, K. Schilling, P. Palazzari 451
Hyper-Systolic Routing for SIMD Systems
J. Henrichs, M. Weber, W.E. Nagel, R. Volpel, H. Grund 455
Metacomputing in a Regional ATM-Testbed - Experience with Reality
M. Grammatikakis, N. Fideropoulos, S. Liesche, T. Thielke, A. Zachos, F. Howell 459
Network Simulation on the CM-5 by Sorting Integer Conflict Functions
T. Fink, M.M. Gutzmann, R. Weper 463
Distributed, Heterogeneous, Dynamic Computing--A Case Study
R. Butenuth, W. Burke, C. De Rose, S. Gilles, R. Weber 469
Experiences in building Cosy - an Operating System for Highly Parallel
Y. Denneulin, R. Namyst, J.F. Mehaut 477
Architecture virtualization with mobile threads
C.J. Newburn, J.P. Shen 485
Compiler Support for Low-Cost Synchronization Among Threads
A. Backer, D. Ahr, O. Kramer-Fuhrmann, R. Lovas, H. Mierendorff, 495
H. Schwamborn, J.G. Silva, K. Wolf
WINPAR - Windows-based Parallel Computing
A. Fijany, T. ^agin, A. Jaramillo-Botero, W. Goddard III 505
A Fast Algorithm for Massively Parallel, Long-Term, Simulation of Complex
Molecular Dynamics Systems
R. Ehrig, U. Nowak, P. Deuflhard 517
Massively Parallel Linearly-Implicit Extrapolation Algorithms as a Powerful Tool
in Process Simulation
J. Reid, A. Supalov, C.-A. Thole 525
PARASOL Interface to New Parallel Solvers for Industrial Applications
S. Bergmann, T. Rauber, G. Riinger 533
Parallel Execution of Embedded Runge-Kutta Methods
R. Trobec, F. Merzel, D. Janezic 541
Computational Complexity of Split Symplectic MD Integration Method
H.-Ch. Dahmen, U. Glaser, H. T. Vierhaus 549
A Parallel Approach Solving the Test Generation Problem for Synchronous
Sequential Circuits
N. Attig, S. Gusken, P. Lacock, Th. Lippert, K. Schilling, P. Ueberholz, J. Viehoff 557
Highly Optimized Code for Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics on the CRAY T3E
A. Basermann, B. Steffen 565
Preconditioned Solvers for Large Eigenvalue Problems on Massively Parallel
Computers and Workstation Clusters
N. Eicker, A. Frommer, H. Hoeber, Th. Lippert, B. Medecke, G. Ritzenhofer, 573
K. Schilling
A Scalable Parallel SSOR Preconditioner for Efficient Lattice Computations in
Gauge Theories
S.C. Allraaier, S. Dalibor, D. Kreische 581
Parallel Graph Generation Algorithms for Shared and Distributed Memory
M. Griebel, G. Zumbusch 589
Parallel Multigrid in an Adaptive PDE Solver Based on Hashing
S. Domas 601
A Parallel Implementation of a "Symmetric Matrix Product"
N. Fornasari, G. Gazzaniga, S. Rovida, G. Sacchi 607
A Parallel Implementation of the Three-Fields Algorithm on a HP-Convex
Exemplar SPP1600
S. Seeger, K.H.Hoffmann, P. Spaeth 615
Lattice-Boltzmann Methods for Thermohydrodynamics
M. Szularz, M. Clint, J.S. Weston 619
Lanczos Algorithms for Massively Parallel Processors
E. Trichina 625
3D Visual Tool supporting Derivation of Distributed-Memory Massively Parallel
Programs by Stepwise Transformations
J.C. Yan, M.A. Schmidt 633
Constructing Space-Time Views from Fixed Size Trace Files ~ Getting the Best
of Both Worlds
M. Di Santo, F. Frattolillo, W. Russo, E. Zimeo 641
A Run-time Support for Object-Oriented Parallel Programming on Networks of
P. Launay, J.-L. Pazat 649
Generation of Distributed Object-Oriented Programs
A. Clematis, A. Corana 657
Performance analysis of SPMD algorithms on a network of workstations with
virtual shared memory
G.P. Jones, N.P. Topham 665
The Effect of Restricted Instruction Issue Width on an Access Decoupled
C.-T. Chiang, Y. Liao, M. Lu 673
Performance Analysis of the Palindrome Network
B. Robic, J. Silc, R. Trobec 681
Reliability and throughput improvement in massively parallel systems
R. Suppi, E. Luque, J. Sorribes 685
Quality Assessment of a Parallel System Simulator
V. Blanco, F.F. Rivera, D.B. Heras, M. Amor, O.G. Plata, E.L. Zapata 689
Modelling Superlinear Speedup on Distributed Memory Multiprocessors
H. Mierendorff, H. Schwamborn 693
Generation of Performance Models
A. Espinosa, T. Margalef, E. Luque 697
Knowledge-based automatic performance analysis of parallel programs
F.E. Sandnes, G.M. Megson 703
Improved Static Multiprocessor Scheduling using Cyclic Task Graphs: A Genetic
U. Maier, G. Stellner, I. Zoraja 711
Resource Allocation, Scheduling and Load Balancing based on the PVM
Resource Manager
M. Amor, J. Lopez, D.B. Heras, F. Argiiello 719
Mapping and Scheduling of r-arys Trees onto Arrays and Meshes
G.M. Megson, LM. Bland 723
Mapping a Generic Systolic Array for Genetic Algorithms onto FPGAs - Theory
and Practice
S. Manoharan 727
Effect of Task Duplication on the Assignment of Dependency Graphs
L Pardines, M. Martin, M. Amor, F.F. Rivera 731
Static Mapping of the Multifrontal Method Applied to the Modified Cholesky
Factorization for Sparse Matrices
A. Cortes, A. Ripoll, M.A. Senar, E. Luque 735
Dynamic Load Balancing Strategy for Scalable Parallel Systems
M. Backschat 739
A Novel Economic-Based Approach to Dynamic Load Distribution in Large
Heterogeneous Computer Networks
Author Index 743
Subject Index 746

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