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Thursday, March 3, 2011

High Performance Linux Clusters with OSCAR, Rocks, OpenMosix, and MPI

By Joseph D. Sloan

Publisher : O'Reilly
ISBN : 0-596-00570-9
Pages : 360

This new guide covers everything you need to plan, build, and deploy a high-performance Linux cluster. You'll learn about planning, hardware choices, bulk installation of Linux on multiple systems, and other basic considerations. Learn about the major free software projects and how to choose those that are most helpful to new cluster administrators and programmers. Guidelines for debugging, profiling, performance tuning, and managing jobs from multiple users round out this immensely useful book.

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Using Code Examples
Part I: An Introduction to Clusters
Chapter 1. Cluster Architecture
Section 1.1. Modern Computing and the Role of Clusters
Section 1.2. Types of Clusters
Section 1.3. Distributed Computing and Clusters
Section 1.4. Limitations
Section 1.5. My Biases
Chapter 2. Cluster Planning
Section 2.1. Design Steps
Section 2.2. Determining Your Cluster's Mission
Section 2.3. Architecture and Cluster Software
Section 2.4. Cluster Kits
Section 2.5. CD-ROM-Based Clusters
Section 2.6. Benchmarks
Chapter 3. Cluster Hardware
Section 3.1. Design Decisions
Section 3.2. Environment
Chapter 4. Linux for Clusters
Section 4.1. Installing Linux
Section 4.2. Configuring Services
Section 4.3. Cluster Security
Part II: Getting Started Quickly
Chapter 5. openMosix
Section 5.1. What Is openMosix?
Section 5.2. How openMosix Works
Section 5.3. Selecting an Installation Approach
Section 5.4. Installing a Precompiled Kernel
Section 5.5. Using openMosix
Section 5.6. Recompiling the Kernel
Section 5.7. Is openMosix Right for You?
Chapter 6. OSCAR
Section 6.1. Why OSCAR?
Section 6.2. What's in OSCAR
Section 6.3. Installing OSCAR
Section 6.4. Security and OSCAR
Section 6.5. Using switcher
Section 6.6. Using LAM/MPI with OSCAR
Chapter 7. Rocks
Section 7.1. Installing Rocks
Section 7.2. Managing Rocks
Section 7.3. Using MPICH with Rocks
Part III: Building Custom Clusters
Chapter 8. Cloning Systems
Section 8.1. Configuring Systems
Section 8.2. Automating Installations
Section 8.3. Notes for OSCAR and Rocks Users
Chapter 9. Programming Software
Section 9.1. Programming Languages
Section 9.2. Selecting a Library
Section 9.3. LAM/MPI
Section 9.4. MPICH
Section 9.5. Other Programming Software
Section 9.6. Notes for OSCAR Users
Section 9.7. Notes for Rocks Users
Chapter 10. Management Software
Section 10.1. C3
Section 10.2. Ganglia
Section 10.3. Notes for OSCAR and Rocks Users
Chapter 11. Scheduling Software
Section 11.1. OpenPBS
Section 11.2. Notes for OSCAR and Rocks Users
Chapter 12. Parallel Filesystems
Section 12.1. PVFS
Section 12.2. Using PVFS
Section 12.3. Notes for OSCAR and Rocks Users
Part IV: Cluster Programming
Chapter 13. Getting Started with MPI
Section 13.1. MPI
Section 13.2. A Simple Problem
Section 13.3. An MPI Solution
Section 13.4. I/O with MPI
Section 13.5. Broadcast Communications
Chapter 14. Additional MPI Features
Section 14.1. More on Point-to-Point Communication
Section 14.2. More on Collective Communication
Section 14.3. Managing Communicators
Section 14.4. Packaging Data
Chapter 15. Designing Parallel Programs
Section 15.1. Overview
Section 15.2. Problem Decomposition
Section 15.3. Mapping Tasks to Processors
Section 15.4. Other Considerations
Chapter 16. Debugging Parallel Programs
Section 16.1. Debugging and Parallel Programs
Section 16.2. Avoiding Problems
Section 16.3. Programming Tools
Section 16.4. Rereading Code
Section 16.5. Tracing with printf
Section 16.6. Symbolic Debuggers
Section 16.7. Using gdb and ddd with MPI
Section 16.8. Notes for OSCAR and Rocks Users
Chapter 17. Profiling Parallel Programs
Section 17.1. Why Profile?
Section 17.2. Writing and Optimizing Code
Section 17.3. Timing Complete Programs
Section 17.4. Timing C Code Segments
Section 17.5. Profilers
Section 17.6. MPE
Section 17.7. Customized MPE Logging
Section 17.8. Notes for OSCAR and Rocks Users
Part V: Appendix
Appendix A. References
Section A.1. Books
Section A.2. URLs

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