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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Essential Speaking and Listening

Acknowledgements vi
Speaking and listening for thinking and learning 1
1 Class talk skills 10
Raising children’s awareness of the imprtance of talk
for learning
2 Talking Points 32
A strategy for encouraging dialogue between children and
in whole-class sessions
3 Listening 41
Helping children to understand how and why they should
become active listeners
4 Dialogic teaching 61
Orchestrating effective dialogue in whole-class sessions
5 Group work 78
Ensuring that all children collaborate in educationally
effective group work
6 Speaking 118
Teaching children how to articulate their ideas
7 Assessment 141
A straightforward assessment format for recording
experience and progress
8 Summary 144
Teaching speaking and listening enables the child to make
the most of their education
Further reading 148
Index 151

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