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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Ultimate Windows Server 2003 System Administrator Guide

The book is organized into three sections and an appendix:

The first four chapters focus on Windows Server 2003 concepts, deployment, and installation. They cover the role of the system administrator, Windows Server 2003 features, operating-system structure, and deployment and installation. Chapter 4 discusses getting started with tools such as the Microsoft Management Console.

The heart of the book, Chapters 5 through 14, is a discussion of fundamental administration topics. In a series of very technical chapters, we cover the Active Directory, user management, group policies, security, printer and file services, networking, and other topics essential to Windows Server 2003 system administration.

The last section of the book covers advanced tools and concepts (Chapters 15 through 17). It examines the Internet Information Service (IIS) and optional components—Terminal Services, System Management Server (SMS), Indexing Services, Message Queuing Services (MQS), Cluster Services—and other topics applicable to enterprise-level system administration.

The appendix, "Windows Server 2003 Commands and Utilities," is a quick reference for the most significant commands in the operating system and in the Windows Resource Kit.

A glossary of common terms is also provided.

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