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Monday, October 11, 2010

UML Applied: A .NET Perspective

by Martin L. Shoemaker ISBN:1590590872
Apress © 2004

The core of this book provides a set of proven, hands-on, team-oriented exercises that will have you solving real-world problems with UML faster than when using any other approach.
Table of Contents
UML Applied—A .NET Perspective
Part One - UML and Five-Step UML: It's all About Communication
Chapter 1 - Introducing UML: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Chapter 2 - Five-Step UML: OOAD for Short Attention Spans
Chapter 3 - Pragmatic Guidelines: Diagrams that Work
Chapter 4 - A UML View of .NET
Part Two - Case Study: UML Applied to a .NET Solution
Chapter 5 - Requirements: And Here Our Troubles Begin...
Chapter 6 - Step 1: Define Your Requirements
Chapter 7 - Step 2: Refine Your Requirements
Chapter 8 - Step 3: Assign Your Requirements to Components and Interfaces
Chapter 9 - Step 4: Design Your Architecture
Chapter 10 - Step 5: Repeat to Design Your Components
Chapter 11 - Step Outward to Design Your Deployment
Part Three - Beyond Code
Chapter 12 - UML Models of Development Processes
Chapter 13 - It's All About Communication
Part Four - Appendixes
Appendix A - Specification for the Kennel Management System
Appendix B - Selected UML Tool List
Appendix C - Bibliography
Appendix D - Webliography
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Exercises
List of Sidebars

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