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Monday, October 11, 2010

Beginning C Sharp Objects From Concepts to Code

by Jacquie Barker and Grant Palmer? ISBN:159059360x
Apress ?2004 (820 pages)

This book addresses the two fundamental concepts that programmers must grasp in order to write a professional object-oriented C# application, then introduces object terminology so you can translate an object model into C# code with ease.
Table of Contents
Beginning C# Objects—From Concepts to Code
Part One - The ABCs of Objects
Chapter 1 - A Little Taste of C#
Chapter 2 - Abstraction and Modeling
Chapter 3 - Objects and Classes
Chapter 4 - Object Interactions
Chapter 5 - Relationships Between Objects
Chapter 6 - Collections of Objects
Chapter 7 - Some Final Object Concepts
Part Two - Object Modeling 101
Chapter 8 - The Object Modeling Process in a Nutshell
Chapter 9 - Formalizing Requirements Through Use Cases
Chapter 10 - Modeling the Static/Data Aspects of the System
Chapter 11 - Modeling the Dynamic/Behavioral Aspects of the System
Chapter 12 - Wrapping Up Our Modeling Efforts
Part Three - Translating a UML "Blueprint" into C# Code
Chapter 13 - A Deeper Look at C#
Chapter 14 - Transforming Our UML Model into C# Code
Chapter 15 - Rounding Out Our Application, Part 1—Adding File Persistence
Chapter 16 - Rounding Out Our Application, Part 2— Adding a Graphical User Interface
Chapter 17 - Next Steps
Appendix A - Suggestions for Using This Book As a Textbook
Appendix B - Alternative Case Studies
Appendix C - Setting Up a Basic Object Modeling/C# Environment
Appendix D - Downloading and Compiling the SRS Source Code
Appendix E - C# Keywords
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Sidebars

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