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Friday, March 15, 2013

The Intelligence of Evil or The Lucidity Pact

The Intelligence of Evil: An Introduction
Chris Turner  1
Integral Reality  17
On the Fringes of the Real  25
On the World in Its Profound Illusoriness  39
The Easiest Solutions  47
Do you want to be free?  50
Do you want to  be anyone else?  55
The Murder of the Sign  67
The Mental Diaspora of the Networks  75
We Are All Agnostics. . .  87
The Violence Done to  the Image  91
Contemporary Art: Art Contemporary with Itself  105
Virtuality and Events  117
Evil and Misfortune  139
The Intelligence of Evil  159
For Whom Does the Knell of Politics Toll?  165
The Destruction of the Golden Temple  173
The 'Blowback' of Duality  185
Lines of Fracture  191
Parallel Universes  197
Existential divide  198
Time divide  200
Anamnesis  207 

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