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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Discourse New Critical Idiom

The term ‘discourse’ has a wider range of possible significations
than any other term in literary and cultural theory. Yet it is often the
term within theoretical texts which is least defined.
Discourse uses a number of literary and non-literary texts to
illustrate how the term has been used. Mills discusses the ways
that feminist, colonial and post-colonial discourse theorists have
appropriated the term developed by Michel Foucault for use in
other contexts. 

In this clear and helpful analysis, Sara Mills has provided a sense
of the historical development of the term discourse as well as
some straight-forward working definitions, as they are currently
used within different disciplines. 

Sara  Mills  is  a  Research  Professor  at  the  School  of  Cultural
Studies,  Sheffield  Hallam  University.  She  has  published  on
feminist linguistic and literary theory and on feminist post-colonial
discourse theory.

1    Introduction  1
Cultural theory/critical theory/literary theory  8
Mainstream linguistics  9
Social psychology/critical linguistics  9
Cultural theory and models of discourse  10
Michel Foucault and discourse  16
Literature as a discourse  22
Note  28
2    Discourse and ideology  29
Ideology and truth  32
The subject  33
Determinants of discourse  36
Language, discourse and ideology  42
Notes  47
3    Discursive structures  48
The episteme  56
The statement  60
The discourse/discourses  62
The archive  63
Exclusions within discourse  63
Circulation of discourses  67
Conclusions  75
Notes  76
4    Feminist theory and discourse theory  77
Confessional discourse  80Discourses of femininity and heterosexuality  86
Access to discourse  97
Discourses in conflict  99
Conclusions  102
Notes  103
5    Colonial and post-colonial discourse theory  105
Othering  106
Challenging othering  118
Psychoanalysis and discourse theory  123
Conclusions  128
Notes  129
6    Discourse analysis, critical linguistics and social
psychology  131
Discourse analysis  135
Social psychologists and discourse  142
Critical linguists/discourse theorists  147
Conclusions  157
Notes  158
INDEX  174

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