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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Evolution of Automobile Design, A brief Introduction

Title: Evolution of Automobile Design, A brief Introduction
Author: Mohsen Jaafarnia
Publisher: Papyrus Publication
Scientific editors: Ravi Mokashi Punekar & Adele Bass
Persian editor: Sahar Boroomand
English editor: Anupa Lahkar
ISBN: 978-93-81287-18-7

The study of history often yields clues to the future. Influences such as new technology, lifestyle and culture have shaped automobile design since manufacturing began. Right from a horseless carriage, automobile design has been driven by the attempt to create an emotional expression of speed. This reached an apex with the adoption of missile designs of the 1950’s. Over time, changes in lifestyle and culture have altered the semantic meaning of the frame. This study, based on a time line helps automobile designers comprehend the maker’s ideas that influenced the evolution of the automobile and acts as a tool to predict the future of car designs.

This experiment has examined from a historical perspective (1885 onwards till date) the evolution of the form of automobile and attempts to map factors that influenced the development of aesthetics in automobile forms. It seeks to find out those factors that are responsible for establishing the emotional relationship between a vehicle and its users.

In this experiment with the aid of selected well-known automakers, attempt has been made to map the influence of new technology; lifestyle and culture on automobile design.
These have categorized evolution of automobile two times into identified eras till date. At first the historical review of evolution of Car Forms was examined and then it lays emphasis on the car front face. Finally we search for brilliant ideas of this period of time.

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