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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chapter 2 – Hardware and Software Concepts

•  After reading this chapter, you should understand:
–  hardware components that must be managed by an operating
–  how hardware has evolved to support operating system
–  how to optimize performance of various hardware devices.
–  the notion of an application programming interface (API).
–  the process of compilation, linking and loading. sa 


2.1           Introduction
2.2 Evolution of Hardware Devices
2.3 Hardware Components
2.3.1        Mainboards
2.3.2        Processors
2.3.3        Clocks
2.3.4        Memory Hierarchy
2.3.5        Main Memory
2.3.6        Secondary Storage
2.3.7        Buses
2.3.8        Direct Memory Access (DMA)
2.3.9        Peripheral Devices
2.4 Hardware Support for Operating Systems
2.4.1        Processor
2.4.2        Timers and Clocks

2.4.3        Bootstrapping
2.4.4        Plug and Play
2.5 Caching and Buffering
2.6 Software overview
2.6.1        Machine Language and Assembly Language
2.6.2        Interpreters and Compilers
2.6.3        High-Level Languages
2.6.4        Structured Programming
2.6.5        Object-Oriented Programming
2.7 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
2.8 Compiling, Linking and Loading
2.8.1        Compiling
2.8.2        Linking
2.8.3        Loading
2.9 Firmware
2.10         Middleware

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