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Friday, July 13, 2012

Singapore Politics Under the People’s Action Party

Acknowledgments ix
Key dates xi
List of acronyms xv
1 What is remarkable about Singapore? 1
2 How Singapore became independent: Lee Kuan Yew and the
People’s Action Party (PAP) 13
3 Locations of power: the state and the government 25
4 The People’s Action Party: the structure and operation of a dominant
party 38
5 Ideology of the leaders and for the populace 51
6 Economic policy for an independent Singapore 66
7 Supplying social services to the people 85
8 The dictates of ethnicity: language policy, education, and self-help 99
9 The successors: leadership trends in the PAP – the search for top
talent 114
10 Authoritarian aspects of PAP rule 128
11 Elections, electoral innovations, and the Opposition 143
12 The growth of civil society 157
13 Deterrence and diplomacy 169
14 Singapore in the future 186
Further reading 198
Notes 202
Index 258

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