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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Making of Political Identities (Phronesis)

Acknowledgements vii
Introduction (Ernesto Laclau) 1
Minding the Gap: The Subject of Politics
Ernesto Laclau and Lilian Zac 11
Identity and Its Vicissitudes: Hegel's 'Logic of Essence' as a
Theory of Ideology
Slavoj Zizek 40
Yes Absolutely: Unlike Any Writing Pen
Rodolphe Gasche 76
Equality at the Limit of Liberty
Claudia Hilb 103
5 Social Ambiguity and the Crisis of Apartheid
AlettaJ.Norval 115
6 'A Country of Words': Conceiving the Palestinian Nation
from the Position of Exile
Glenn Bowman 138
7 Rastafari as Resistance and the Ambiguities of Essentialism
in the 'New Social Movements'
Anna Marie Smith 171

8 The Crisis of Identity and the Struggle for New Hegemony
in the Former Yugoslavia
Renata Salecl 205
9 The Green Threshold
Zoltdn Szankay 233
10 Sign O' Times: Kaffirs and Infidels Fighting the Ninth
Bobby Sayyid 264
Notes on Contributors 287
Index 289

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