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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Buddhism in theModern World:Adaptations of anAncient Tradition

Contributors, ix
Introduction: Traditions and Transformations in Modern
Buddhism, 3
1. Aniconism Versus Iconism in Thai Buddhism, 9
Donald K. Swearer
2. The Modernization of Sinhalese Buddhism as Reflected
in the Dambulla Cave Temples, 27
Nathan Katz
3. Varying the Vinaya: Creative Responses to Modernity, 45
Charles S. Prebish
4. Master Hongyi Looks Back: A Modern Man Becomes a
Monk in Twentieth-Century China, 75
Raoul Birnbaum
5. Transitions in the Practice and Defense of Chinese
Pure Land Buddhism, 125
Charles B. Jones
6. Won Buddhism: The Historical Context of Sot’aesan’s
Reformation of Buddhism for the Modern World, 143
Bongkil Chung
7. Abbreviation or Aberration: The Role of the Shushògi in Modern
Sòtò Zen Buddhism, 169
Steven Heine
8. “By Imperial Edict and Shogunal Decree”: Politics and the Issue
of the Ordination Platform in Modern Lay Nichiren Buddhism, 193
Jacqueline I. Stone
9. The Making of the Western Lama, 221
Daniel Cozort
10. “Liberate the Mahabodhi Temple!” Socially Engaged Buddhism,
Dalit-Style, 249
Tara N. Doyle
Index, 281

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