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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

GRID COMPUTING The New Frontier of High Performance Computing

Series Editor:
Gerhard R. Joubert
Managing Editor
(Technical University of Clausthal)
Aquariuslaan 60
5632 BD Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Editor Preface v
Foreword vii
List of Contributors ix
Part 1 General Issues 1
The Advanced Networks and Services Underpinning Modern,
Large-Scale Science: DOE'sESnet 3
W.E. Johnston
Netsolve: Grid Enabling Scientific Computing Environments 33
K. Seymour, A. Yarkhan, S. Agrawal, and J. Dongarra
Operations Research Methods for Resource Management and Scheduling
in a Computational Grid: a Survey 53
A. Attanasio, G. Ghiani, L. Grandinetti, E. Guerriero and F. Guerriero
Peer-to-Peer Protocols and Grid Services for Resource Discovery on Grids 83
D. Talia and P. Trunfio
Data Placement in Widely Distributed Environments 105
T. Kosar, S.-C. Son, G. Kola andM. Livny
The Grid Relational Catalog Project 129
G. Aloisio, M. Cafaro, S. Fiore andM. Mirto
Part 2 Performance 157
The "MIND" Scalable PIM Architecture 159
T. Sterling and M. Brodowicz
SLA-aware Job Migration in Grid Environments 185
F. Heine, M. Hovestadt, O. Kao and A. Keller
MICROGRIDS - the exploitation of massive on-chip concurrency 203
C.R. Jesshope
Autonomous Performance and Risk Management in Large Distributed
Systems and Grids 225
M. Brittan and J. Kowalik
Optimization Techniques for Skeletons on Grids 255
M. Aldinucci, M. Danelutto, J. D├╝nnweber and S. Gorlatch
Towards a Middleware Framework for Dynamically Reconfigurable
Scientific Computing 275
K. ElMaghraoui, T. Desell, B.K. Szymanski, J.D. Teresco, and C.A. Varela
Part 3 Applications 303
Messaging in Web Service Grid with Applications to Geographical
Information Systems 305
G. Fox, S. Pallickara, G. Aydin and M. Pierce
NewsGrid 333
S. Geisler, G.R. Joubert
UNICORE - From Project Results to Production Grids 357
A. Streit, D. Erwin, Th. Lippert, D. Mallmann, R. Menday, M. Rambadt,
M. Riedel, M. Romberg, B. Schuller and Ph. Wieder
Developing Innovative Technologies for Commercial Grids 377
J.-P. Prost, L. Berman, R. Chang, M. Devarakonda, M. Haynos, W.-S. Li,
Y. Li, I. Narang, J. Unger and D. Verma
Tools for Efficient Subsetting and Pipelined Processing of Large Scale, Distributed
Biomedical Image Data 403
M. Ribeiro, T. Kurc, T. Pan, K. Huang, U. Catalyurek, X. Zhang, S. Langella,
S. Hastings, S. Oster, R. Ferreira and J. Saltz
Author Index 423
Subject Index 425

Grid Computing
Grid Computing for Electromagnetics
Grid computing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Grid Computing Info Centre (GRID Infoware)
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  1. Basing from the overview of topics and most especially from the title itself, we're about to learn some new things about the new world of technology. Thanks for the short review, though I did hope for more information about it.


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