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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Genetic Programming On the Programming of Computers by Means of Natural Selection

Complex Adaptive Systems
John H. Holland, Christopher Langton, and Stewart W. Wilson, advisors
Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems: An Introductory Analysis with
Applications to Biology, Control, and Artificial Intelligence, MIT Press edition
John H. Holland
Toward a Practice of Autonomous Systems: Proceedings of the First European
Conference on Artificial Life
edited by Francisco J. Varela and Paul Bourgine
Genetic Programming: On the Programming of Computers by
Means of Natural Selection
John R. Koza

Preface ix
Acknowledgments xiii
Introduction and Overview
Pervasiveness of the Problem of Program Induction
Introduction to Genetic Algorithms
The Representation Problem for Genetic Algorithms
Overview of Genetic Programming
Detailed Description of Genetic Programming
Four Introductory Examples of Genetic Programming
Amount of Processing Required to Solve a Problem
Nonrandomness of Genetic Programming
Symbolic Regression—Error-Driven Evolution
11 Control—Cost-Driven Evolution
12 Evolution of Emergent Behavior 329
13 Evolution of Subsumption 357
14 Entropy-Driven Evolution 395
15 Evolution of Strategy 419
16 Co-Evolution 429
17 Evolution of Classification 439
18 Iteration, Recursion, and Setting 459
19 Evolution of Constrained Syntactic Structures 479
20 Evolution of Building Blocks 527
21 Evolution of Hierarchies of Building Blocks 553
22 Parallelization of Genetic Programming 563
23 Ruggedness of Genetic Programming 569
24 Extraneous Variables and Functions 583
25 Operational Issues 597
26 Review of Genetic Programming 619
27 Comparison with Other Paradigms 633
28 Spontaneous Emergence of Self-Replicating and Evolutionarily Self-Improving
Computer Programs 643
29 Conclusions 695
Appendix A: Computer Implementation 699
Appendix B: Problem-Specific Part of Simple LISP Code 705
Appendix C: Kernel of the Simple LISP Code 735
Appendix D: Embellishments to the Simple LISP Code 757
Appendix E: Streamlined Version of EVAL 765
Appendix F: Editor for Simplifying S-Expressions 771
Appendix G: Testing the Simple LISP Code 777
Appendix H: Time-Saving Techniques 783
Appendix I: List of Special Symbols 787
Appendix J: List of Special Functions 789
Bibliography 791
Index 805

Introduction to Genetic Algorithms
Practical Genetic Algorithms
Genetic algorithm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Intro to Genetic Algorithms
Other Genetic Algorithm Books

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