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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fuzzy Algorithms with Applications to Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

By Zheru Chi, Hong Yan, Tuan Pham,
by Zheru Chi (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong), Hong Yan (University of Sydney, Australia), & Tuan Pham (University of Sydney, Australia)

Publisher: World Scientific Pub Co Inc
Number Of Pages: 225
Publication Date: 1996-12
Sales Rank: 573552
ISBN / ASIN: 9810226977
EAN: 9789810226978
Binding: Hardcover
Manufacturer: World Scientific Pub Co Inc
Studio: World Scientific Pub Co Inc

Short Description for Fuzzy Algorithms: with Applications to Image Processing and Pattern RecognitionThis text deals with the subject of fuzzy algorithms and their applications to image processing and pattern recognition. Subjects covered include membership functions; fuzzy clustering; fuzzy rulers and defuzzification; fuzzy classifiers; and combined classifiers.


Basic Concepts of Fuzzy Sets
Fuzzy Relations
Fuzzy Models for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
Membership Functions:
Heuristic Selections
Clustering Approaches
Tuning of Membership Functions
Concluding Remarks
Optimal Image Thresholding:
Threshold Selection Based on Statistical Decision Theory
Non-fuzzy Thresholding Algorithms
Fuzzy Thresholding Algorithm
Unified Formulation of Three Thresholding Algorithms
Multilevel Thresholding
Concluding Remarks
Fuzzy Clustering:
C-Means Algorithm
Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm
Comparison between Hard and Fuzzy Clustering Algorithms
Cluster Validity
Concluding Remarks

Line Pattern Matching:
Similarity Measures between Line Segments
Basic Matching Algorithm
Dealing with Noisy Patterns
Dealing with Rotated Patterns
Concluding Remarks
Fuzzy Rule-based Systems:
Learning from Examples
Decision Tree Approach
Fuzzy Aggregation Network Approach
Minimization of Fuzzy Rules
Defuzzification and Optimization
Concluding Remarks
Combined Classifiers:
Voting Schemes
Maximum Posteriori Probability
Multilayer Perceptron Approach
Fuzzy Measures and Fuzzy Integrals
Concluding Remarks

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