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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Transnational Migration and Human Security

Thanh-Dam Truong • Des Gasper
Transnational Migration
and Human Security
The Migration–Development–Security Nexus

Preface IX
Acknowledgement X
Part I Introduction 1
Transnational Migration, Development and Human Security
1 3
Thanh-Dam Truong and Des Gasper
The Governmentality of Transnational Migration and Security:
The Making of a New Subaltern 23
Thanh-Dam Truong
Part II Neoliberal Governmentality and Transnational Migration:
the Interplay of Security Fears and Business Forces 39
Migration from Mexico and Central America to the United States:
Human Insecurities and Paths for Change 41
Gustavo Verduzco and María Isabel de Lozano
The Blind Spot of Repression: Migration Policies and
Human Survival in the Central Sahara 57
Julien Brachet
Europeanization and the Right to Seek Refugee Status:
Reflections on Frontex 67
Wies Maas and Thanh-Dam Truong
Fortress Europe and the Dutch Donjon: Securitization, Internal
Migration Policy and Irregular Migrants’ Counter Moves 81
Godfried Engbersen and Dennis Broeders
The New Co-Development Agenda: Official and Non-Official Initiatives
between Morocco and Spain 91
Alejandra Boni and Joan Lacomba
Financial Globalization and the Mechanisms of Migrants’ Remittance:
Formed by Supply or Demand? 103
Amrita Sharma and Karim Knio
Managing Migration in the IOM’s World Migration Report 2008
9 117
Beatriz Campillo Carrete and Des Gasper
Part III Migrant Experiences: Agency in the Grey Zone 133
Mission Impossible? Voluntary and Dignified Repatriation of
Nigerian Victims of Trafficking 135
May-Len Skilbrei and Marianne Tveit
Migrant Women and Their Vulnerability in the Trafficking-Migration
Continuum: Evidence from Asia 147
Yu Kojima
The EU’s Ambiguous Position on Migrant Underage Workers
12 159
Roy Huijsmans
Learning How to Work the Grey Zone: Issues of Legality and Illegality
among Indian Students in Australia 169
Michiel Baas
Part IV Transnational Identities and Issues of Citizenship 181
Gender, Technology and Migration in Export-Production of Shrimps:
Identity Formation and Labour Practices in Surat Thani Province, Thailand 183
Bernadette P. Resurreccion and Edsel E. Sajor
Changing Identities, Multi-local Politics and Citizenship: Reflections on
the Agency of Migrants from Indonesia and their Descendants in the
Netherlands 197
Ton van Naerssen
Pro-asylum Advocacy in the EU: Challenging the State of Exception
16 209
Helen Hintjens, Richa Kumar and Ahmed Pouri
Human or Public: The Referents of Security in Discourses on Migrants
in Japan 225
Tatsuo Harada with Kenji Kimura
The Global Forum on Migration and Development: ‘All Talk and
No Action’ or ‘A Chance to Frame the Issues in a Way that Allows You
to Move Forward Together’? 239
Bernice Roldan and Des Gasper
Part V Ethics of Modern Day Transnational Migration: A Human Security
Perspective 257
International Migration, Well-being and Transnational Ethics
19 259
Des Gasper
Migration, Morality and Finance
20 273
Amiya Kumar Bagchi
Migration Regimes and the Politics of Insiders / Outsiders:
Japan and South Africa as Distant Mirrors 287
Yoichi Mine
State and Immigrant Diaspora Identity in Contemporary Japan:
From a Developmentalist National Ethic towards a Multicultural
Development Ethic of Common Human Security 297
Kinhide Mushakoji
Abbreviations 311
Bibliography 315
Biographies of Contributors 347
Index 355

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