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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Magic Indian Cricket, Revised Edition by Mihir Bose

Acknowledgements viii
Series editors’ foreword xi
1. India – whose India? 1
2. Khel-khood as cricket 45
3. Middle India and the cricket Raj 91
4. The gully, the maidan and the mali 117
5. An English sporting Eden in India 129
6. Ranji’s burden 144
7. The besieged hero 175
8. The Nawabi legend 202
9. Vegetarians, fast bowlers and violence 222
10. Gods and boys 230
11. Shining India or poverty of ambition? 242
12. My India, my England 261
Postscript 271
Index 276
Plates can be found between pages 174 and 175

Revised edition

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