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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Data Warehousing - Using the Wal-Mart Model

Preface xi
Chapter I What is Data Warehousing? 1
Evolution Leading up to the Data
Warehouse 3
Executive Information Systems
Direct SQL Access 6
Data Warehouse 8
Data Mart 10
Enterprise Data Warehouse 14
Operational Data Store 17
Data Warehouse Is a Tool 18
Applying the Data Warehouse Concept
Beyond the Enterprise Data Warehouse
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Project Planning 31
Before you Start 32
Clear Focus on the Business 32
Business Sponsorship 34
Long-Term Vision 35
Short-Term Plan 37
Assigning a Responsible Leader
Effective Communication 39
Providing Something New 41
Partnership Planning 42
Planning for the Project Life Cycle
Analytical Phase 45
Construction Phase 53
Postproduction 56
Business Exploration 59
The Business Exploration Process 61
Defining the Goals 63
Gathering the Business Questions
Prioritizing the Business Questions
Defining the Business Questions
Business Case Study and ROI Analysis
Business Case Study 79
Business User Visions 79
One-to-One Discussions 81
Business User Profiles 82
Potential Payback 83
Accumulated Potential Payback
Summary 84
Projected Investment Costs with ROI
Forecast 84
Resource Plan 85
ROI Analysis 86
Data Warehouse Background 88
One-to-One Discussions 88
Business User Profiles 89
Actual Payback 89
Actual Accumulated and Projected Payback
Summary 89
Investment Costs with ROI Conclusion
Next-Step Implementation Plan 90
Organizational Integration 91
Chapter 6 Technology 105
The Front-end Tool 107
The Database Tool 111
Database Compatibility
Database Maintenance
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Database Maintenance 127
Capturing, Extracting, and Transferring the Source
Data 128
Update Frequency 134
Loading the Data Warehouse 137
Initial Load Processes 138
Append Load Processes 140
Update Processes 142
Delete Processes 146
Backup/Recovery 147
Messaging 148
Technical Construction of the WaI-Mart Data
Warehouse 153
Preconstruction 154
The First Implementation
The Database Design
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
The Update Process 165
GUI Application 168
Postimplementation of the WaI-Mart Data
Warehouse 173
The ROI Surrounded by Chaos 174
Integrating Operational Applications
Replenishment 182
Distribution via Traits 187
Perpetual Inventory 193
Store Operations Sample Analyses 197
Basic Store Operations Information Needs
Store Sales 199
Store Sales Data Elements 200
Comparable Store Sales 202
Comparable Store Sales Data Elements
Flash Store Sales 204
Flash Store Sales Data Elements
Flash Store Sales Sample Report
Departmental Store Sales 209
Departmental Store Sales Data
Elements 211
Planned Sales 211
Planned Sales Data Elements 213
Competitive Store Sales 213
C.9mpetitive Store Sales Data Elements
Merchandising Sample Analyses 217
Basic Merchandising Information Needs
Basic Article POS Analysis 218
Basic Article POS Data Elements
Top 25, Bottom 25 Analysis 222
Top 25, Bottom 25 Data Elements
Article Inventory Analysis 223
Article Inventory Data Elements
Article Inventory Sample Report
Article Selling versus Planned Selling
Article Selling versus Planned Data
Elements 229
Fast-Selling Article Analysis 232
Fast-Selling Data Elements 233
Slow-Selling Articles 233
Slow-Selling Data Elements 234
Vendor Performance Analysis 234
Vendor Performance Data Elements
Category Performance Analysis 239
Category Performance Data Elements
Article Selling by Geographic Locations
Article Selling by Geographic Locations
Data Elements 241
Article Selling by Geographic Locations
Sample Report 244
Comparative Article Sales 244
Comparative Article Sales Data
Elements 244
Comparative Article Sales Sample
Report 246
Store and Article Grouping 246
Store and Article Grouping Data
Elements 247
Store and Article Grouping Sample
Report 250
Basic Affinity Selling 250
Basic Affinity Selling Data Elements
Out-Of-Stock Analysis 251
Out-of-Stock Data Elements 252
Out-of-Stock Sample Report 253
Chapter 12 Conclusion 255
Focus on the Business
Build a Team 256
Communicate Openly and Effectively
Apply Technology 257
Appendix A Retail Formulas 259
Appendix B Retail Data Model 265
Further Reading 283
Index 287

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