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Friday, February 3, 2012

Data Structures and Algorithms Using Visual Basic.NET (Cambridge, 2005)

Preface vii
Introduction 1
Chapter 1
Collections 14
Chapter 2
Arrays and ArrayLists 46
Chapter 3
Basic Sorting Algorithms 72
Chapter 4
Basic Searching Algorithms 86
Chapter 5
Stacks and Queues 99
Chapter 6
The BitArray Class 124
Chapter 7
Strings, the String Class, and the StringBuilder Class 150
Chapter 8
Pattern Matching and Text Processing 181
Chapter 9
Building Dictionaries: The DictionaryBase Class and the
SortedList Class 200
Chapter 10
Hashing and the HashTable Class 210
Chapter 11
Linked Lists 227
Chapter 12
Binary Trees and Binary Search Trees 249
Chapter 13
Sets 268
Chapter 14
Advanced Sorting Algorithms 283
Chapter 15
Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms for Searching 298
Chapter 16
Graphs and Graph Algorithms 320
Chapter 17
Advanced Algorithms 352
References 379
Index 381

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