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Saturday, February 4, 2012

China into Africa, Trade, Aid and Influence

Preface vii
1 China’s Quest for Resources, Opportunities,
and Influence in Africa 1
Robert I. Rotberg
2 China’s New Policy toward Africa 21
Li Anshan
3 China’s Emerging Strategic Partnerships in Africa 50
Wenran Jiang
4 Africa and China: Engaging Postcolonial
Interdependencies 65
Stephanie Rupp
5 Chinese-African Trade and Investment:
The Vanguard of South-South Commerce in
the Twenty-First Century 87
Harry G. Broadman
6 Searching for Oil: China’s Oil Strategies in Africa 109
Henry Lee and Dan Shalmon
7 Special Economic Zones: China’s Developmental
Model Comes to Africa 137
Martyn J. Davies
8 Military and Security Relations: China, Africa,
and the Rest of the World 155
David H. Shinn
9 China’s Foreign Aid in Africa: What Do We Know? 197
Deborah Brautigam
10 Chinese Concessional Loans 217
Paul Hubbard
11 China’s Political Outreach to Africa 230
Joshua Eisenman
12 China’s Role in Human Rights Abuses in Africa:
Clarifying Issues of Culpability 250
Stephen Brown and Chandra Lekha Sriram
13 “Peaceful Rise” and Human Rights: China’s Expanding
Relations with Nigeria 272
Ndubisi Obiorah, Darren Kew, and Yusuf Tanko
14 China’s Renewed Partnership with Africa:
Implications for the United States 296
Chin-Hao Huang
Contributors 313
Index 319

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