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Friday, January 13, 2012

Neural Network in Finance and Investing

Robert R. Trippi, Efraim Turban, editors.
Published 1996 by Irwin Professional Pub. in Chicago .
Written in English.
Edition Notes

Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
"A collection of survey and research articles"--Pref.
Includes a complimentary version of ThinksPro neural network software.
System requirements for accompanying computer disk: IBM-compatible PC; Windows 95 or Windows 3.1.

Neural Networks in Finance and Investing, Revised 2/E is an updated and expanded edition of the first-ever book on financial applications of neural networks. Robert Trippi and Efraim Turban have assembled here a stellar collection of articles by experts in industry and academia on applications of neural networks in this important arena. This widely-acclaimed classic provides portfolio managers, institutional investors, bankers, and analysts with a comprehensive and fascinating introduction to this important technology and numerous insights into its most effective use. Neural network successes and failures are discussed, as well as the vast unrealized potential of neural networks in numerous specialized areas of financial decision making. Topics include:

* Neural Network Fundamentals and Overview
* Analysis of Financial Condition
* Business Failure Prediction
* Debt Risk Assessment
* Stock Market Applications
* Futures and Options Markets Applications
* Neural Network Approaches to Financial Forecasting

Included as a bonus with this new edition is a complimentary version of ThinksPro for Windows, a full-featured neural network software package that can be used for many of the applications described in the book.

Nowhere else will the financial technology professional find such an exciting and relevant in-depth examination of neural networks. Individual chapters discuss how to use neural networks to forecast the stock market, to trade commodities, to assess bond and mortgage risk, to predict bankruptcy, and to implement investment strategies. Taken together, this comprehensive collection provides a fascinating and authoritative introduction to a technology that is revolutionizing the way financial services firms operate.

This unique volume is truly essential reading for anyone wishing to stay abreast of this "cutting edge" technology.

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