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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Media and the British Empire

List of Illustrations ix
Foreword by Sir Mark Tully x
Notes on the Contributors xiii
1 Introductory Survey 1
Chandrika Kaul
2 ‘To Enlighten South Africa’: The Creation of a Free Press
at the Cape in the Early Nineteenth Century 20
John M. MacKenzie
3 ‘The thinking is done in London’: South Africa’s English
Language Press and Imperialism 37
John Lambert
4 ‘The Old Pals’ Protection Society’? The Colonial Office
and the British Press on the Eve of Decolonisation
Joanna Lewis and Philip Murphy
5 The Media and the Exile of Seretse Khama: The Bangwato vs.
the British in Bechuanaland, 1948–56 70
Susan Williams
6 Ernest Jones’ Mutiny: The People’s Paper, English Popular
Politics and the Indian Rebellion 1857–58 88
Tim Pratt
7 Writing to the Defence of Empire: Winston Churchill’s
Press Campaign against Constitutional Reform in India,
1929–1935 104
Ian St John

8 India, the Imperial Press Conferences and the Empire Press
Union: The Diplomacy of News in the Politics of Empire,
1909–1946 125
Chandrika Kaul
9 ‘Business as Usual’? British Newsreel Coverage of Indian
Independence and Partition, 1947–1948 145
Philip Woods
10 Purity, Obscenity and the Making of an Imperial
Censorship System 160
Deana Heath
11 Peripheral Politics? Antipodean Interventions in
Imperial News and Cable Communication (1870–1912) 174
Denis Cryle
12 A ‘Sense of Common Citizenship’? Mrs Potts of Reefton,
New Zealand, Communicates with the Empire 190
Ross Harvey
13 ‘That some must suffer for the greater good’: The Post
Courier and the 1969 Bougainville Crisis 205
Philip Cass
14 The Influence of the British Empire through the
Development of Communications in Canada: French
Radio Broadcasting during the Second World War 219
Alain Canuel
15 Echoes of Cosmopolitanism: Colonial Penang’s
‘Indigenous’ English Press 233
Su Lin Lewis
Select Bibliography and Further Reading 250
Index 262

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