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Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Bake Your Complete Reference Book

How to Bake
Your Complete Reference Book
There is nothing like this in your library. It is not a
cookbook—though it contains wonderful recipes. It is a
reference book. It has everything that you need to know to
bake. Keep it in your kitchen library and refer to it often. It
will make you a better baker.
In this book, you will find eight chapters:
 Flour—the Basic Ingredient and How to Use it for
the Best Baked Goods
 The Wonderful World of Eggs
 How to Make Bread and Pastries with Yeast
 The Secrets of Using Chemical Leaveners—Baking
Powder and Baking Soda
 Fresh from the Dairy—Dairy Products and How to
Use Them
 Rich Baked Goods—Butter, Shortening, and Oil in
your Kitchen
 How Sweet it is—How to Use the Family of
 Chocolate! How to Make the Best Desserts
Each chapter is designed in three parts. The first part
teaches the principles of baking. The second portion,
discusses practices--how you apply the principles. The
third part presents recipes that employ the principles and
If you want to know when to use baking powder and when
to use soda, if you want to now how to make high-domed
muffins or cheesecakes that don’t crack, if you want to
know if you can store your pancake batter overnight—this is
the book for you.

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