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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Computer Networks A Systems Approach - Solution manual - Peterson and Davies

Dear Instructor:
This Instructors’ Manual contains solutions to almost all of the exercises in the second edition of Peterson and Davie’s Computer Networks: A Systems Approach. The goal of the exercise program for the second edition has been to provide a wide range of exercises supporting the text that are both accessible and interesting. When applicable, exercises were chosen that attempt to illuminate why things are done the way they are, or how they might be done differently. It is hoped that these exercises will prove useful to:

support mastery of basic concepts through straightforward examples
provide a source of classroom examples and discussion topics
provide a study guide and source of exam problems
introduce occasional supplemental topics
support an exercise-intensive approach to the teaching of networks.

Exercises are sorted (roughly) by section, not difficulty. While some exercises are more difficult than others, none are intended to be fiendishly tricky. A few exercises (notably, though not exclusively, the ones that involve calculating simple probabilities) require a modest amount of mathematical background; most do not. There is a sidebar summarizing much of the applicable basic probability theory in Chapter 2.

An occasional exercise (eg 4.21) is awkwardly or ambiguously worded in the text. This manual sometimes suggests better versions; see also the errata at the web site, below.
Where appropriate, relevant supplemental files for these solutions (eg programs) have been placed on the textbook web site, Useful other material can also be found there, such as errata, sample programming assignments, PowerPoint lecture slides, EPS figures, and the x-kernel code and tutorial. If you have any questions about these support materials, please contact your Morgan Kaufmann sales representative. If you would like to contribute your own teaching materials to this site, please contact Karyn Johnson, Morgan Kaufmann Editorial Department,

We welcome bug reports and suggestions as to improvements for both the exercises and the solutions; these may be sent to
Peter Lars Dordal
Loyola University of Chicago
September, 1999

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