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Friday, October 14, 2011

Borland Delphi 6 Developer’s Guide

Contents at a Glance
Part I: Development Essentials
1 Programming in Delphi
2 The Object Pascal Language
3 Adventures in Messaging
Part II: Advanced Techniques
4 Writing Portable Code
5 Multithreaded Techniques
6 Dynamic Link Libraries
Part III: Database Development
7 Delphi Database Architecture
8 Database Development with dbExpress
9 Database Development with dbGo for ADO
Part IV: Component-Based Development
10 Component Architecture: VCL and CLX
11 VCL Component Building
12 Advanced VCL Component Building
13 CLX Component Development
14 Packages to the Max
15 COM Development
16 Windows Shell Programming
17 Using the Open Tools API
Part V: Enterprise Development
18 Transactional Development with COM+/MTS
19 CORBA Development
20 BizSnap Development: Writing SOAP-Based Web Services
21 DataSnap Development
Part VI: Internet Development
22 ASP Development
23 Building WebSnap Applications
24 Wireless Development

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