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Monday, August 8, 2011

Understanding BizTalk: The Authoritative Solution

ISBN-10: 0672317877 | ISBN-13: 978-0672317873 | Publication Date: March 25, 2000 | Edition: 1

Understanding BizTalk explains the complexities of Microsoft's newest framework for business to business transactions. This book gives you a look at the 'whole picture' of BizTalk, and its impotance to the future of electronic commerce. After completing the book, you will have an understanding of topics including XML's role in the BizTalk Framework, The BizTalk XML tags, BizTalk Schemas, The BizTalk Schema Repository, and BizTalk and the future of e-commerce

ynopsis by Stan Miastkowski

Ever since Microsoft announced the BizTalk initiative in 1999, some 50 e-commerce vendors have gotten involved in this wide-ranging plan for an XML-based solution to integrating disparate solutions in the B2B and B2C space. In Understanding BizTalk, the authors do a competent job of clarifying the scope of the initiative, with a technology overview, a look at the tools, and a host of scenarios and case studies of how it will be implemented. Whether BizTalk is ultimately a success or simply a path to other technologies, this book is a valuable tool for enterprise IT managers who want to keep an eye on the future.

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Table of Contents
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Understanding BizTalk
Part I BizTalk Technology Overview
Chapter 1 - Distributed Applications
Chapter 2 - B2B E-Commerce Today
Chapter 3 - Introduction to XML
Chapter 4 - Introduction to the BizTalk Initiative
Part II Tools and Technology of BizTalk
Chapter 5 - XML
Chapter 6 - BizTalk Framework
Chapter 7 - BizTalk Tools
Chapter 8 - BizTalk Server

Part III Applying BizTalk
Chapter 9 - Planning a System Using BizTalk
Chapter 10 - Microsoft Commerce Server 2000
Chapter 11 - Integrating with Host Integration Server 2000 and SQL Server
Chapter 12 - Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
Chapter 13 - Application Integration: A Case Study of ARAMARK’s My Assistant Web Portal
Appendix - BizTalk Framework 1.0a Independent Document Specification
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Listings

Integrating applications is enormously difficult. It always has been. But integrating applications is just a means to an end -- the real end is integrating business processes. Organizations that want to thrive in the 21st century must do a better job of integrating their processes -- not only within their organization, but also between themselves and their partners as well.

Written by BizTalk insiders, with the assistance of the Microsoft BizTalk team, Understanding BizTalk demystifies the BizTalk Initiative, and provides an advance look at the tools and technologies businesses can leverage to make it fundamentally easier to integrate business processes within and between organizations.

Learn to link legacy applications with BizTalk
Understand the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and how it can be used with BizTalk
Explore how BizTalk can be used to connect seamlessly with customers, regardless of platform
Integrate Commerce Server solutions with BizTalk for e-business
Create your own powerful XML-based BizTalk schemas
Understand how BizTalk Server works
Learn to use BizTalk Tools
Explore how stylesheets can be used to transform your data
Understand how BizTalk can be used with SQL Server
Examine how BizTalk can be used to create 13213 portals
Understand how BizTalk handles document mapping and translation

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