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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Simulations and the Future of Learning

Foreword ix
Acknowledgments xi
1. Do You Want Fries with that e-Learning? 1
Part One: The Simulation Way
2. In the Game 13
3. The Primary Colors of Content 23
4. The e-Learning Arms Race 31
5. The Myth of Subject-Matter Experts 37
6. The Search for Content 45
7. What Would a Leadership Situation Look Like? 57
8. Uncovering the Essence of Leadership 71
9. The Lure of Linear Content 85
Part Two: Modeling Reality
10. Rules for a Post-Textbook World:
Simulation Design Principles 97
11. The Beginning of Open-Ended Content:
Sets and Figures 105
12. What Do People Do All Day?
The Animation System 121
13. The Ultimate Hurdle: The Dialogue System 129
14. Modeling a Little World: The Physics System 151
15. Modeling the Inhabitants: The AI System 159
Part Three: Philosophical and Technical Realities
16. A New Look at Work: The Interface System 173
17. The Scariest Word of All: Gameplay 179
18. Why Use Grades, Anyway? Metrics, Scores,
and Simulations 187
19. Virtual Leader vs. the World 199
Part Four: The Way Ahead
20. Seventeen Simulation Issues 211
21. A Manifest Destiny: Simulations and the
Training Industry 221
Epilogue: Looking Back at Schools 229
Glossary 237
Appendix One: Raw Leadership Content 247
Appendix Two: Organized Leadership Content 257
Index 269
About the Author 281
Pfeiffer Publications Guide 283

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