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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mining Amazon Web Services

Contents at a Glance
Introduction xx
Part I Discovering Amazon Web Services
Learning about Amazon Web Services
Chapter 1: 3
Using Amazon Web Services to Your Advantage
Chapter 2: 27
Working with Web Service Data
Chapter 3: 47
Part II Writing Amazon Web Services Programs
Starting the Development Process
Chapter 4: 79
Writing Applications Using VBA
Chapter 5: 99
Writing Applications Using Visual Studio
Chapter 6: 125
Writing Applications Using PHP
Chapter 7: 175
Writing Applications Using Java
Chapter 8: 199
Writing Applications for Mobile Devices
Chapter 9: 225
Part III Refining Your Amazon Web Services Program
Crafting Your Application
Chapter 10: 255
Considering User Needs
Chapter 11: 269
Other Refinements You Should Consider
Chapter 12: 289

Helpful Third Party Resource Sites
Appendix A: 315
Amazon License Checklist
Appendix B: 321
Amazon Area ID List
Appendix C: 327
Late Breaking Amazon Web Services News
Appendix D: 333
Glossary: 341
Index 361

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