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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Running Xen A Hands-On Guide to the Art of Virtualization

by Jeanna N. Matthews; Eli M. Dow; Todd Deshane; Wenjin Hu; Jeremy Bongio; Patrick F.
Wilbur; Brendan Johnson
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Pub Date: April 10, 2008
Print ISBN-10: 0-13-234966-3
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-13-234966-6
eText ISBN-10: 0-13-207467-2
eText ISBN-13: 978-0-13-207467-4
Pages: 624
Table of Contents
| Index
About the Authors
Chapter 1. Xen—Background and Virtualization Basics
Common Uses and Benefits of Virtualization
Types of Virtualization
Virtualization Heritage
Other Virtualization Systems for Commodity Hardware
References and Further Reading
Chapter 2. A Quick Tour with the Xen LiveCD
Running the LiveCD
Step 1: Downloading the LiveCD Image and Creating the CD
Step 2: Choosing a Domain0 Image from the GRUB Menu
Step 3: Logging In and the Desktop
Step 4: Creating Guests
Step 5: Deleting a Guest
Step 6: Interacting with Your Guests
Step 7: Testing Your Networking
Too Many Guests
References and Further Reading
Chapter 3. The Xen Hypervisor
Xen Hypervisor
A Privileged Position
Xen Boot Options
Choosing an OS for Domain0
References and Further Reading
Chapter 4. Hardware Requirements and Installation of Xen Domain0
Xen Domain0 Processor Requirements
Hardware Device Support and Recommendations
Memory Requirements
Choosing and Obtaining a Version of Xen
Methods of Installing Domain0 Hosts
Linux Distributions
Non-Linux Domain0 Installations
Building from Source
References and Further Reading
Chapter 5. Using Prebuilt Guest Images
Introduction to DomU Guests
Working with Prebuilt Guest Images
Converting Images from Other Virtualization Platforms
References and Further Reading
Chapter 6. Managing Unprivileged Domains
Introduction to the xm Utility
The xm list Subcommand
The xm create Subcommand
Guest Configuration Files
Diagnosing Problems with Guest Creation
Automatically Starting DomUs
Shutting Down Guest Domains
Pausing Domains
Interacting with a Guest Nongraphically
Interacting with a Guest Graphically
References and Further Reading
Chapter 7. Populating Guest Images
Hardware Virtual Machine (HVM) Guest Population
Guest Image Customization
Converting Existing Installations
References and Further Reading
Chapter 8. Storing Guest Images
Logical Volumes
Network Image Storage Options
Guest Image Files
References and Further Reading
Chapter 9. Device Virtualization and Management
Device Virtualization
Backends and Frontends
Granting Control of a PCI Device
Exclusive Device Access Versus Trusted Driver Domains
Device Emulation with QEMU-DM
Future Directions
References and Further Reading
Chapter 10. Network Configuration
Network Virtualization Overview
Designing a Virtual Network Topology
Bridging, Routing, and Network Address Translation
Frontend and Backend Network Drivers and Naming
Overview of Network Configuration in Xen
Details of Bridging Mode
Details of Routing Mode
Details of NAT Mode
Configuring Purely Virtual Network Segments
Assigning MAC Addresses to Virtual Network Interfaces
Assigning IP Addresses
Handling Multiple Network Interfaces in a Domain
vnet—Domain Virtual Network
References and Further Reading
Chapter 11. Securing a Xen System
Structuring Your System for Security
Securing the Privileged Domain
Firewall and Network Monitors
Mandatory Access Control with sHype and Xen Security Modules
DomU Security
References and Further Reading
Chapter 12. Managing Guest Resources
Accessing Information about Guests and the Hypervisor
Allocating Guest Memory
Managing Guest Virtual CPUs
Tuning the Hypervisor Scheduler
Choosing a Guest IO Scheduler
References and Further Reading
Chapter 13. Guest Save, Restore, and Live Migration
Representing the State of a Virtual Machine
Basic Guest Domain Save and Restore
Types of Guest Relocation
Preparing for xm migrate
Experience with xm migrate
References and Further Reading
Chapter 14. An Overview of Xen Enterprise Management Tools
Programmatic Interfaces to the Xen Hypervisor
Citrix XenServer Enterprise, Standard, and XenExpress Editions
Virtual Iron
IBM Virtualization Manager
Managing Multiple Systems
References and Further Reading
Appendix A. Resources
Xen Community
Xen Mailing Lists and Bug Reporting
Xen Summits
Xen Source Code
Academic Papers and Conferences
Distribution-Specific Resources
Appendix B. The xm Command
Appendix C. Xend Configuration Parameter
Appendix D. Guest Configuration Parameter
Appendix E. Xen Performance Evaluation
Xen Performance Measurements
Performance Isolation in Xen
Performance of Xen Virtual Network and Real Network

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