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Friday, April 15, 2011

Graph Theory with Applications to Engineering and Computer Science

Narsingh Deo "Graph Theory with Applications to Engineering and Computer Science"
Prentice Hall | 1974-05 | ISBN: 0133634736 | 480 pages | 4,4 MB

*Summary: Clear, a pleasure to read for a beginner
Rating: 5
The writing is excellent. I got an introduction to graph theory from Mark Allen Weiss' "Data structures and algorithm analysis in C++". That was a very good start and led me to think I could use graph theory to solve a problem. When I needed to probe deeper I found this book in Weiss' bibliography. I read the first few chapters and felt comfortable enough to go out on the internet and find a PhD thesis that applied directly to my problem.
Summary: Clearly built up, and straightforward
*Rating: 5
I was using this book as the first book for a Graph theory course and have choosen this from about 10 (pre-selected) books. It is interesting as it opens up new areas by solving interesting problems. I am not a professional in Graph Theory as i am doing Computer Science but i haven't found better introductory book so far.

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