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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Networking Concepts and Technology: A Designer's Resource

By Deepak Kakadia, Francesco DiMambro

Publisher : Prentice Hall PTR
Pub Date : June 28, 2004
ISBN : 0-13-148207-6
Pages : 400

This book is a resource for network architects who must create solutions for emerging network environments in enterprise data centers. You'll find information on how to leverage Sun(TM) Open Network Environment (Sun ONE) technologies to create Services on Demand solutions, as well as technical details about the networking internals. The information presented here is based on actual network engineering experience that includes network product development and real-world customer experiences. The focus of this book is limited to the design of network architectures that support Web services-based, multi-tier architectures. However, it covers everything from the edge data center switch to the server network protocol stacks.

The Sun BluePrints Program
Who Should Read This Book
How This Book Is Organized
Shell Prompts
Typographic Conventions
Accessing Sun Documentation
Chapter 1. Overview
Evolution of Web Services Infrastructures
The Data Center IP Network
Network Traffic Characteristics
End-to-End Session: Tuning the Transport Layer
Network Edge Traffic Steering: IP Services
Server Networking Internals
Network Availability Design Patterns
Reference Implementations
Chapter 2. Network Traffic Patterns: Application Layer
Services on Demand Architecture
Multi-Tier Architecture and Traffic Patterns
Web Services Tier
Application Services Tier
Architecture Examples
Example Solution
Chapter 3. Tuning TCP: Transport Layer
TCP Tuning Domains
TCP State Model
TCP Congestion Control and Flow Control – Sliding Windows
TCP and RDMA Future Data Center Transport Protocols
Chapter 4. Routers, Switches, and Appliances—IP-Based Services: Network Layer
Packet Switch Internals
Emerging Network Services and Appliances
Layer 7 Switching
Quality of Service
QoS Components
QoS-Capable Devices
Secure Sockets Layer
Chapter 5. Server Network Interface Cards: Datalink and Physical Layer
Token Ring Networks
Fiber Distributed Data Interface Networks
Ethernet Technology
Fast Ethernet Interfaces
10/100 dmfe Fast Ethernet
Fiber Gigabit Ethernet
Sun VLAN Technology
Sun Trunking Technology
Network Configuration
Installing the Solaris Operating System Over a Network
Configuring Driver Parameters
Using /etc/system to Tune Parameters
Network Interface Card General Statistics
Ethernet Media Independent Interface Kernel Statistics
Maximizing the Performance of an Ethernet NIC Interface
Chapter 6. Network Availability Design Strategies
Network Architecture and Availability
Layer 2 Strategies
Layer 3 Strategies
Conclusions Drawn from Evaluating Fault Detection and Recovery Times
Chapter 7. Reference Design Implementations
Logical Network Architecture
Physical Network Implementations
Switch Configuration
Network Security
Appendix A. Lyapunov Analysis

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