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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

PowerSpeak Engage, Inspire, and Stimulate Your Audience

by Dorothy Leeds ISBN:1564146847
Career Press © 2003 (286 pages)
This book focuses on the elements of speaking effectively from a design and a delivery perspective. It shows you how to engage, stimulate, and maintain an audience's attention, and also focuses on the trouble spots of any presentation.

Table of Contents
PowerSpeak—Engage, Inspire, and Stimulate Your Audience
Introduction—What You Need to Know before You Read PowerSpeak
Part I - Getting Ready to be a Powerful Speaker
Chapter 1 - How Public Speaking Adds to Your Power
Chapter 2 - Break Through the Fear Barrier
Chapter 3 - Preparation: The Source of a Speaker's Power
Part II - How to Overcome the 6 Major Speaker Faults
Chapter 4 - Fault #1: An Unclear Purpose
Chapter 5 - Fault #2: Lack of Clear Organization and Leadership
Chapter 6 - Fault #3: Too Much Information
Chapter 7 - Fault #4: Not Enough Support for Your Ideas, Concepts, and Information
Chapter 8 - Fault #5: Monotonous Voice and Sloppy Speech
Chapter 9 - Fault #6: Not Meeting the Real Needs of Your Audience
Part III - Conquer the Trouble Spots: The Basics—Openings, Transitions, Conclusions, Questions and Answers, and Visual Aids
Chapter 10 - Starting on the Right Foot: Openings That Capture Your Audience
Chapter 11 - Bridging the Gap: Building Smooth Transitions
Chapter 12 - Finish with Style: The Impotance of Powerful Conclusions
Chapter 13 - Professional Secrets of Question-and-Answer Sessions
Chapter 14 - Visual Aids: When a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Part IV - Master the Fine Points of Powerful Speaking
Chapter 15 - Power Language: Turn Everyday Words into Persuasion
Chapter 16 - Positive Body Language
Chapter 17 - Harness the Power of Humor
Chapter 18 - Stage Managing: Staying One Step Ahead of Murphy's Law
Part V - Special Speaking Situations
Chapter 19 - How to Handle the Media Like a Pro
Chapter 20 - How to be an Outstanding Audio- or Videoconference Leader
Chapter 21 - How to Read a Speech or Script Effectively, No Matter Who Wrote It
Chapter 22 - Ongoing Advancement: Use Meetings to Polish Your Public-Speaking Skills
Part VI - Success is Turning Knowledge into Positive Action. Keep Growing!
Chapter 23 - How to be Your Own Coach
Chapter 24 - Delivering with Style: Individually or with a Team
Chapter 25 - Your Final Source of Speaking Power
List of Figures
List of Sidebars

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