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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Python 2.1 Bible

Book Description
The Python 2.1 Bible provides the only complete Python language reference on the market and includes all the information and software that developers need to use Python as a rapid application development tool. The Python 2.1 Bible fills a critical void in the Python reference market. Although it includes a complete Python language reference section, it is still geared towards those of you who already have some programming experience. This book explains each piece of technology in depth and shows through clear examples why each feature is useful. This is the manual you've been waiting for -- the one that covers all major Python components without glossing over how the various pieces fit together.

Reviews From AMAZON.COM
The best kept secret of Python books
I am a fan of this book! First and foremost, all the information I needed to write Python programs was there and it was easy to find. This means the book is well organized and the index is great. Don't forget to check out the book's website too.Secondly, the book covers topics no other book that I know touches. Read the TOC of Parts IV and V by clicking the book cover picture at the top of this page and you will agree. Thirdly, the authors have a concise style, which you will learn to appreciate after reading chatty Pythonist folks like Lutz. Bruek and Tanner tell you just what you need to know and they use only as many words as needed for this purpose. Finally, I like the fonts used in this book. They are special, even the one used for Python scripts, and they set the apparence of this book apart from your typical computer language book. The coverage of the OOP could indeed be expanded, and, most impotantly, the book needs a new edition to cover the latest Python version (2.4 as I write this). I would buy a copy of the second edition on the spot.

A good introduction
With a background of C/C++ and Java, I was dropped in the Python deep-end by a client who had a systems monitoring tool written in Python that needed urgent enhancements made. I ordered the Python 2.1 Bible and the client provided Programming Python 2nd edition (pub. O'Reilly). The O'Reilly book looked at first sight more useful, but I choked on it as it assumed prior knowledge of Python. The Python 2.1 Bible, on the other hand, assumed no prior knowledge of Python and within 3 days (whilst waiting for a Linux box to arrive !) I had written a number of powerful disk utilities, socket-based clients and servers, small GUI-based programs etc that ran on my Windows-based PC and which should run on Linux too (still waiting for the box !!). For me it was an excellent introduction to Python. After reading the Python 2.1 Bible I felt able to read Programming Python. Still waiting for the Linux box though so still haven't written the "urgent" enhancements...The only negatives I would have for Python 2.1 Bible are: (1) that it assumed C/C++ knowledge (which was fine for me but might not be for other people) (2) a (very) few areas could have done with a bit more explanation, raising questions that experienced OO people would want answered

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