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Friday, October 15, 2010

Programming Visual Basic for Palm OS

By Patrick Burton, Matthew Holmes, Roger Knoell

Publisher : O'Reilly
Pub Date : April 2002
ISBN : 0-596-00200-9
Pages : 375
Slots : 1

Programming Visual Basic for the Palm OS is the only book designed to help the Visual Basic desktop programmer to break into the Palm market. With Programming Visual Basic for the Palm OS, Visual Basic programmers can become Palm programmers almost over night

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Part I: Programming with AppForge
Chapter 1. Introducing AppForge
Section 1.1. Palm Software
Section 1.2. Main Features of AppForge
Section 1.3. Installing AppForge
Section 1.4. Using AppForge
Section 1.5. Resources

Chapter 2. Application Development
Section 2.1. User Interface Design
Section 2.2. Basic Application Layout Example
Section 2.3. Language and Libraries Support

Chapter 3. Palm Database Programming
Section 3.1. The Palm Database
Section 3.2. AppForge PDB Library
Section 3.3. The AppForge Database Converter
Section 3.4. Resources

Part II: Data Connectivity
Chapter 4. Conduit Development
Section 4.1. Applications and Conduits
Section 4.2. Conduit Design
Section 4.3. Installing the CDK
Section 4.4. Nuts and Bolts
Section 4.5. Synchronization Logic
Section 4.6. Data Formats
Section 4.7. Resources

Chapter 5. SQL Databases
Section 5.1. SQL Publishing
Section 5.2. Universal Conduit
Section 5.3. Resources

Chapter 6. Web Clipping Applications
Section 6.1. Palm.Net Wireless Architecture
Section 6.2. Simple WCA Tour
Section 6.3. Building a Large Application
Section 6.4. Palm OS 4.0
Section 6.5. Resources

Part III: Advanced Topics
Chapter 7. Operating System Access
Section 7.1. Fuser Mechanics
Section 7.2. A Data Encryption Program
Section 7.3. Resources

Chapter 8. Shared Libraries
Section 8.1. Memory Concepts
Section 8.2. Memory Management Functions
Section 8.3. DBSLib Shared Library
Section 8.4. DBSLib Driver Application
Section 8.5. DBSLib Fuser
Section 8.6. AppForge Driver Application

Chapter 9. Piedmont
Section 9.1. Obtaining Piedmont
Section 9.2. Architecture Overview
Section 9.3. Module and Interface Definition
Section 9.4. Component Code Generation
Section 9.5. Windows Component Implementation
Section 9.6. Palm Component Implementation
Section 9.7. AppForge VM Integration

Chapter 10. Debugging
Section 10.1. Conditional Compilation
Section 10.2. Palm Reporter
Section 10.3. Palm Buttons
Section 10.4. Debug Database

Part IV: Appendixes
Appendix A. Ingot and Enumeration Summary
Section A.1. Basic Ingot Components
Section A.2. Enhanced Ingots
Section A.3. Multimedia Ingots
Section A.4. Data Communication Ingots
Section A.5. AFTone Ingot Pitch values
Section A.6. Database Error Codes

Appendix B. DBSLib Sample Project Setup
Section B.1. Target Settings
Section B.2. Access Paths
Section B.3. 68K Target
Section B.4. C/C++, Processor, and Global Optimizations Settings
Section B.5. PalmRez Post Linker
Section B.6. Configuring and Adding Files


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