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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Inside Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET

By Brian Johnson, Craig Skibo

Publisher : Microsoft Press
Pub Date : February 12, 2003
ISBN : 0-7356-1874-7
Pages : 576

Learn how to put all the built-in power of Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET 2003 to work with this comprehensive, in-depth programming guide. It drills down into the internal workings of Visual Studio .NET to help you get the most out of its features, editors, and project-management capabilities. You'll see how to extend this rich, integrated development environment to maximize your productivity for any project, no matter where you are in the development cycle—or which language you use. You'll also learn how to use macros and add-ins to simplify your work. Code examples in every chapter show you exactly what to do.

Target Audience
Book Layout
Companion Content
System Requirements
Tracking Down an Author
Microsoft Press Support
Part I: Visual Studio .NET as a Development Tool
Chapter 1. The Evolution of Visual Studio .NET
Moving to Visual Studio .NET
Developing for .NET
Unmanaged Development Enhancements
Visual Studio .NET Features
Visual Studio .NET Extensibility
Looking Ahead
Chapter 2. Project Management in Visual Studio .NET
Overview of Solutions and Projects
Understanding Solutions
Building Projects and Solutions
Looking Ahead
Chapter 3. The Visual Studio .NET Editor
Documents in the IDE
Syntax Coloring, Line Numbering, and Outlining (or, What the Compiler Saw)
Programming Help
Using the Command Window
Search, Replace, and Regular Expressions
Looking Ahead
Chapter 4. Visual Studio .NET Macros
Macros: The Duct Tape of Visual Studio .NET
Working with Macros
Sharing Macros with Others
Looking Ahead
Part II: Extending Visual Studio .NET
Chapter 5. The Add-in Wizard and the Automation Object Model
The Add-in Wizard
The Automation Object Model
Looking Ahead
Chapter 6. Add-in Architecture
Writing an Add-in from Scratch
Add-in Events
The IDTExtensibility2 Interface
Add-in Registry Named Values
Looking Ahead
Chapter 7. Commands
What Is a Command?
Creating an Add-in Command
The Command User Interface
Restoring a Lost Command and Its User Interface
Removing a Command
Command Parameters
Key Bindings
Looking Ahead
Chapter 8. Managing Solutions and Projects Programmatically
Working with Solutions
Working with Project Items
Working with Language-Specific Project Objects
Leveraging Visual Studio .NET Utility Project Types
Project and Project Item Events
Managing Build Configurations
Persisting Solution and Project Information Across IDE Sessions
Looking Ahead
Chapter 9. Visual Studio .NET Wizards
An Overview of Wizards
Creating the Wizard Object
Creating the .vsz File
Creating Wizard Templates
Custom Wizards
The Wizard Helper Library
Looking Ahead
Chapter 10. Programming the User Interface
Window Basics
Explorer Windows and the UIHierarchy Object
The Toolbox Window
The Task List Window
The Output Window
The Forms Designer Window
Creating Custom Tool Windows
The Options Dialog Box
Looking Ahead
Chapter 11. Text Editing Objects and Events
Editor Windows
Point Objects
The TextSelection Object
Undo Contexts
The LineChanged Event
Looking Ahead
Chapter 12. The Code Model
Discovering Code
Generating Code
Looking Ahead
Part III: Deployment, Help, and Advanced Projects
Chapter 13. Designing Setup Projects
Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) Background
Creating Custom Installation Projects
Merge Modules
Setup for .NET Programs
Looking Ahead
Chapter 14. Visual Studio .NET Help
Navigating the Help System
Customizing the Dynamic Help Window
Creating Custom Help Files
Looking Ahead
Chapter 15. Advanced Projects in Visual Studio .NET
Visual Studio .NET from the Command Line
Source Control with Visual SourceSafe
Looking Ahead
Appendix A. Code Model Reference
Code Model Objects
Generating Code
About the Author

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